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   Stuart Williams Wins Metro Phoenix USBC Masters,

  Tracie Ball Takes Queens Metro Phoenix Title.

  Phoenix, April 12 - Stuart Williams won the Phoenix USBC Masters Tournament winning $850. (see picture)

  Matt Jones came in second for $650 and Andrew Cain third for $250.

  The Queens Metro Phoenix Title when to Tracie Ball who won $400. (see picture)

  Coming in second was Tina Williams for $168 and third was Bryanna Caldwell for $133 and Christian Niles was fourth for $123.

  They bowled on the USBC2014 doubles and singles patterns.

  See result table Phoenix USBC 2015

   Tina Williams Finishes Strong to Win Phoenix CBA Tournament at AMF McRay Lanes, Dale Pollard Second

(See video of PCBA Tournament)

   Chandler, Az., March 22 - Tina Williams won the Phoenix Classic Bowlers Association Tournament on Sunday at AMF McRay Lane.

 The win for Tina was not easy as she not only battled the lane conditions but also a strong showing by Dale Pollard.

During the qualifying round Tina and Dale where one and two but at the end Tina turned out to be the high qualifier for the day with a plus 77.

  For the four games she rolled 877 for a 219 average on the difficult "Boardwalk" condition.

 The battle continued all the way to the final match where Dale took a 35 pin lead after the first game and started his second game with the first 5 strikes.

 However, Dale could not put Tina away as she struck 9 times in a row for a final 266 to Dale's 219 and took home the title. Tina won $343,  Dale Pollard $174, Bud Adler $ 93 and Curtis Dornath $ 38.00.

 The field was small due to so many tournaments taking place in the Phoenix area that weekend. The tournament is open to seniors and ladies.

  How to Play the Oil Transition

  Playing the oil transition during league or tournament play is covered very well by Jason Doust.

To see video show click here.

  He also covers the difference in lane condition patterns.

  He also points out the difference in lanes and bowling ball from yesterday to today. How the older urethane balls affected lanes versus today's reactive balls which absorb oil.

  Jason also covers different releases to play different paterns and gives the plus and minus of a change.

  Go to Oil Transition: The Change You're looking for by Jason Doust.

  Lefty Bill Nedry Blasts an 887 Series at Flipside Lanes League

  Gilbert, Az., March 20 - Left Bill Nedry, one of the top lefties in Arizona, rolled a sensational 887 series at Flipside Lanes in Gilbert, Az.

  Bill shot 279, 300, 300. He ran off 34 strikes in a row.

  The scoring was high. His opponent in the anchor spot on the other team was Brian Mitchell, a hard throwing right handed cranker. Brian shot a 764 series. (see picture on right)

  Bills's teammates did well too. Leadoff man Bill Marema shot a 751 series and Joe Mascio a 730 series.

  Bills comment: "Thanks everybody that was fun and thank to Brian's team for the epic battle."

   PBA West Regional Tournament    Coming up at Flipside Lanes - Friday, August 7, 2015

    PBA West Regional Tournament in Gilbert, Az. - will be held at Flipside Lanes - Friday, August 7, 2015 to Sunday, August 9, 2015. Defending champion is Jim Pratt.

Josh Blanchard Wins - PBA Regional Tournament in California - Title number 7

Feb. 25, 2015 - Josh Blanchard, of Gilbert, Az., won the PBA Regional Tournament  in Sutter Creek, California.

It was Josh's seventh PBA win

Josh thanked the staff at Gold Country Lanes for their hospitality and Ebonite International.

He also thanked Lori Bernhardt-Mraz and Turbo grips for making the Switch Grip.  

Josh said the Ebonite Code of Honor was the best ball for him for the week.

See PBA for Details of Standings

 Norm Duke Video on Reading and Playing  Lane Patterns

Norm Duke Video on Lane Transition Strategy

Bowling lesson - 4 Inch Groove on Arm Swing

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"The Bowlers Exchange at"

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   Bowling Ball Talk

Jim Pratt

Revolutions Pro Shop.

   So I've drilled a bunch of new balls for myself and for others and I wanted to give you my personal take on the ones I like.

Ebonite Honor - This ball is the best rolling ball I've seen from ebonite since the original Mission. Out of box it's very clean through the front and strong off the breakpoint with great continuation. This ball has already become a part of my permanent arsenal and I've had it less than 2 weeks.

  Storm Punch Out - great bang for your buck here. This ball gets down the lane very easily and is very strong off the breakpoint. This cover matches up great on the pro anvil lane surface (zone Glendale and Lakeview to name a couple). It will not be the strongest ball in your bag, but it will most likely give you a look that you don't have.

Brunswick Brute - This ball is also very easy down the lane but doesn't have that hockey stick motion. It's very smooth off the breakpoint for a shiny cover. Higher rev players will love the ball motion. It became much stronger when I knocked the polish off but still had the same smooth motion.

Rotogrip Sinister- This ball has looked good for everyone that we've drilled it for. Out of the box, it will most likely be your most aggressive ball overall. Makes a strong move down the lane but unless you have a lower rev rate or are really opening up the lane, you will need some oil to use it.




Metro Phoenix USBC

Tournaments in January and February of 2014. (see Metro's Website)

  National Tournaments in Reno for 2014

Radisson Hotels - Phoenix and Chandler, Arizona -Radisson Discount Deals


"Lucky"  David Mullen of Gilbert, Az., wins Roto Grip Defiant bowling ball at

Dave, a righthander, who uses lots of loft, bowls league at Brunswick Kyrene and Brusnwick Mesa. He is a 200 average bowler.  www.bowling is chancing off a new ball every month. It is free to enter. See Dave's listing

See Dave's League History.

Bowling Associations  (Check for Their Tournaments


Metro Phoenix USBC

Mesa Bowling Association

Arizona State USBC

   Bowling Equipment - Pro Shops etc.

  Dave Leverage's Pro Shops

  Beverly Owen Juice Plus Supliments

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 BowlingArizona Action - 2015

  Arizona's Josh Blanchard is on a Roll wins Second Major PBA Title,

 Takes PBA's Xtra Frame Maine Shootout for $10,000.

  PORTLAND, Maine - March 31, 2015 – Nine days after winning his first Professional Bowlers Association Tour title in Germany, Josh Blanchard of Gilbert, Az.., made it back-to-back titles, winning the PBA’s Xtra Frame Maine Shootout at Bayside Bowl with a 2-1 victory over Australia’s Jason Belmonte in the best-of-three-game title match.

   Josh, from Gilbert, Az., is a touring PBA bowler. He also owns Virtue Bowling Supply based at Brunswick Mesa Lanes in Mesa,  Az., with co-owner Craig Spencer.

   Blanchard won five consecutive best-of-three-game matches, including a stunning Round of 64 decision over Wes Malott of Pflugerville, Texas, on his way to the title.

  In his first match, Malott won the first game, 270-202, but the 2011-12 PBA Rookie of the Year then rallied for consecutive 258-256 victories to begin his march to the title.

  He then eliminated Greg Ostrander, Freehold, N.J., 2-0; Jason Sterner of Covington, Ga., 2-0; Bryon Smith of Roseburg, Ore., 2-0, and Osku Palermaa of Finland, 2-0, to reach the title match against the two-time reigning PBA Player of the Year Jason Belmonte

  It was an exciting match.

Josh  won the first game, 243-180, lost the second, 204-234, and started with six strikes to finish with a 249-211 win to take the title.

“I just decided to stop trying to hook the ball,” Josh said.

“I decided I just don’t have the ball rotation to hook the ball with these guys. So I went back to playing it straight, and I think I’ll keep doing it for awhile.”

Josh won $10,000.

 The PBA Tour will resume competition May 9-17 in Shawnee, Okla., at Oklahoma’s Grand Casino Hotel and Resort.

PBA XTRA FRAME MAINE SHOOTOUT  Bayside Bowl, Portland, Maine, March 31

Championship: Josh Blanchard, Mesa, Ariz. ($10,000) defeated Jason Belmonte, Australia ($6,000), 2-1 (243-180, 204-234, 249-211).

Semifinal Round (best of three games, losers earned $4,000) 

Blanchard def. Osku Palermaa, Finland, 2-0 (255-247, 245-204). 

Belmonte def. Tom Smallwood, Saginaw, Mich., 2-1 (191-214, 226-198, 220-168).

Round of 8 (best of three games, losers earned $2,500) 
Tom Smallwood, Saginaw, Mich., def. Dan MacLelland, Canada, 2-0 (214-209, 234-219). 
Osku Palermaa, Finland, def. Dave Wodka, Beavercreek, Ohio, 2-1 (226-235, 242-225, 200-138). 
Josh Blanchard, Mesa, Ariz., def. Bryon Smith, Roseburg, Ore., 2-0 (257-201, 257-192). 
Jason Belmonte, Australia, def. Tom Daugherty, Wesley Chapel, Fla., 2-0 (214-193, 257-201).

Round of 16 (best of three games, losers earned $1,500) 
Smallwood def. Anthony Pepe, Elmhurst, N.Y., 2-0 (279-247, 207-191). 
MacLelland def. Shawn Maldonado, Houston, 2-1 (237-258, 258-247, 195-177). 
Palermaa def. Scott Moore, Lewiston, Maine, 2-0 (226-224, 212-191). 
Wodka def. Joe Paluszek, Bensalem, Pa., 2-0 (259-222, 235-231). 
Blanchard def. Jason Sterner, Covington, Ga., 2-0 (211-183, 217-183). 
Smith def. E.J. Tackett, Huntington, Ind., 2-0 (221-181, 232-208). 
Belmonte def. Eric Malone, Brewster, N.Y., 2-0 (191-171, 237-211). 
Daugherty def. Patrick Allen, Wesley Chapel, Fla., 2-0 (245-190, 249-218).


Arizona's Josh Blanchard wins his first big PBA Title at the Brunswick Euro Challenge.

    March 22, 2015 - Munich, Germany – Josh Blanchard of Gilbert, Ariz., won his first major PBA Tour title Sunday, defeating Malaysia’s Li Jane Sin, 248-211, in the title match of the 12th Brunswick Euro Challenge at Dream-Bowl Palace.

  Josh took home $12,000. Sin won $9,000.

  Blanchard, 27, a fourth year PBA player and PBA’s 2011-12 Rookie of the Year, was the top qualifier following the six-game Step 2 qualifying round and a seven-game Step 3 match play round.

  Sin, one of three women to advance to the Step 3 round, defeated Sweden’s young two-handed star, Jesper Svensson, 225-214, in the semifinal match.

  "Since I was 14 years old watching the US Open at Fountain Bowl, I wanted to be a PBA National Title Holder and today the dream came true," said Josh.

"I threw the Ebonite Code of Honor every single shot to win this title!! Thank you Ebonite International for the support you give your staff members worldwide.

"I have a million people to thank but first and foremost is Jesus Christ my Savior. He does amazing things in ways we will never be grateful for, but today I am grateful for the life he gave me."

"Secondly, I want to than my family and my wife Aimee Richardson-Blanchard for all her support week in and week out. If it wasn't for her, I would have given up my dream of bowling. Also, Joe Staton, you have been nothing but a mentor to me my entire life and I owe you every ounce of this title!

Josh continued, "Another big big thanks goes out to Ebonite International, and my long time friend Bugsy Kelly. He signed me for my first contract with Turbo 2-N-1 Grips in 2005 and with Ebonite International in 2012. Just last week when I was down in the dumps about bowling and my career, he told me I have many titles to win and to not give up. Thank you Bugs, you are a great friend have helped me where I am today.

 Thank you for Lori Bernhardt-Mraz for having me on staff for 10 years and trusting in my abilities. Another big thanks goes out to my jersey sponsor Logo Infusion, and my practice facility FlipSide in Gilbert, Az.,

 A big thank you goes out to the staff at Dream-Bowl Palace here in Munich for the unbelievable job they did with this week along with the sponsorship Brunswick provided for the lanes. It was nice to bowl a full event without having a throwing contest 20 feet down the lane over the gutter! A testament to the World Bowling Tour and they job they do World Wide.

  Kell Kulick from the USA finished fourth for $3,000,

 The Brunswick Euro Challenge was a PBA International-World Bowling Tour event.

Competition points were earned by men and women in the event, leading toward three berths in the World Bowling Tour Men’s and Women’s Finals, presented by the PBA, which will be contested during PBA World Series of Bowling VII at South Point Bowling Plaza in Las Vegas this fall.

Dream-Bowl Palace, Munich, Germany, March 22

Championship: Josh Blanchard, Gilbert, Ariz. ($12,000) def. f-Li Jane Sin, Malaysia ($9,000), 248-211. 
Semifinal Match: Sin def. Jesper Svensson, Sweden ($6,000), 225-214.

Step 3 final match play standings (after 13 games, includes match play bonus pins; top 3 advanced to stepladder finals) 
1, Blanchard, 5-2, 3,135.2, Svensson, 2-5, 3,104. 3, f-Sin, 4-3, 3,084. 
4, f-Kelly Kulick, Union, N.J., 2-5, 3,045, $3,000. 
5, Magnus Johnson, Sweden, 4-3, 2,983, $2,800. 
6, f-Jazreel Tan, Singapore, 4-3, 2,955, $2,600. 
7, Syafiq Ridhwan, Malaysia, 4-3, 2,930, $2,400. 
8, James Gruffman, Sweden, 2-5, 2,918, $2,200.   

Step 2 (failed to advance after 6 games; top 8 advanced to Step 3 match play) 
9, Sean Rash, Montgomery, Ill., 1,310, $2,000. 
10, Martin Larsen, Sweden, 1,306., $2,000. 
11, f-Danielle McEwan, Stony Point, N.Y., 1,297, $2,000. 
12, Joonas Jehkinen, Finland, 1,297, $2,000. 
13, Petteri Salonen, Finland, 1,294, $1,800. 
14, f-Safiyah Amirah Siti, Malaysia, 1,281, $1,800. 
15, Dom Barrett, England, 1,276, $1,800. 
16, Joachim Karlsson, Sweden, 1,275, $1,800. 
17, f-Missy Parkin, Laguna Hills, Calif., 1,272, $1,700. 
18, Ahmad Muaz, Malaysia, 1,267, $1,700. 
19, Stuart Williams, England, 1,260, $1,700. 
20, Ronnie Russell, Marion, Ind., 1,256, $1,700. 
21, f-Jenny Wegner, Sweden, 1,252, $1,600. 
22, Dirk Dreyer, Germany, 1,250, $1,600. 
23, Patrick Backe, Sweden, 1,237, $1,600. 
24, Carsten Warming Hansen, Denmark, 1,223, $1,600. 
25, Richard Teece, England, 1,207, $1,500. 
26, Markus Jansson, Sweden, 1,180, $1,500. 
27, Pontus Andersson, Sweden, 1,156, $1,500. 
28, Stephan Unger, Germany, 1,104, $1,500.


     Mike Friedrichs Wins Phoenix CBA Tournament - Shoots 300

      Greg Waldon Takes Second in Seven Game Sweeper

   February 24, 2015 - Mike Friedrichs won the Phoenix CBA Tournament in February. Mike ran away from the field after shooting a 300 game in the third game.

  Mike won $539. The bowlers competed on the 2014 Columbia 300 forty frame pattern. It was a seven-game sweeper across 14 lanes.

  The tournament was put on by the Phoenix Classic Bowlers Association.

   After the first game Mike was 2 pins off the lead, he rolled a 229 second game and a 300 third game to take the lead.

 He never looked back.

  His next 4 games of 256-236-235-269 gave him a grand total 1779 for the title.

  Second place was taken by Greg Waldon (1695).

 Other cashers incluced: Greg Waldon $205,  Pete Partridge $110.00, Tom Foster $ 99.00,,John Babbitt $25.00 Cliff Connors, Walt Kastern, Michelle Dragon $24.00 each.

 The next Phoenix CBA tournament will be March 22 at AMF Mc Ray in Chandler.

    Charlie Price wins $1,000 at AHT Strike Force Tournament at Brunswick Mesa Lanes,

  Overcomes the "Bear," Lea Mester Second for $600 and Ben Spencer Third for $300

   January 4, 2015 Mesa, Az., - Charlie Price won $1,000 at the AHT Strike Force Tournament held on January 4 at Brunswick Mesa Lanes. He finished at the top of a field that included 116 entries.

 Coming in second was Lea Mester who took home $600 and Ben Spencer was third for a $300 payoff.

    Charlie Price started off  the finals with a spare and a string of strikes. He kept it going with a few lucky breaks and cruised to a huge lead and his first SFT AHT title. He shot 273 with handicap.

  Lea Mester threw two perfect strikes in the tenth to take second beating Ben Spencer.

 She had not doubled the entire game. Including handicap, Mester shot 216 and Spencer 212.

    The tournament was divided up into three divisions based on average. There is an A Division, B Division and C Division. Charlie was coming out of the A Division.

 Tournament director Craig Spencer said the tournament was reorganized to try to grow its A division in 2015.

  "We wanted to get some new bowlers that were not eligible before and also restructure the division so that the A division and B division were closer in total entries," he said.

   Our first event of the 2015 season drew 116 entries with 73 qualifying entries and 43 economy parlay entries," Spencer said. 

 "We had 30 cashers and paid out around $4,000.00 in main and side event prize fund.

  The A division had 21 total qualifying entries for the weekend and the B division had 24.

  The event drew top bowlers like Matt Jones, who has won many ACBA tournaments, Landyn Carnate, Junior Holguin, Tim Lafferty, Colin Lafferty, and Kim Lafferty.

   "The conditions were very difficult this weekend," Craig said.  "The players bowled on the very flat PBA Bear oil pattern. We like to use these harder patterns for our big events like Majors and the season opener.

The bowlers had nearly zero margin for error."

 Craig joked maybe we should rename our tournament from Strike Force to Spare Force.

  The semi-final matches consisted of #1 seed Charlie Price vs #2 seed Kevin Enomoto in the A division. #1 seed Ben Spencer vs #2 seed Hokey Begay in the B division, and #1 seed Lea Mester vs #2 seed Bill Brackett in the C division.

  The B and C division matches were very close and both came down to the tenth frame. Bill Brackett was unable to strike a second time in the 10th frame which gave Lea the win, and Hokey was not able to double to win his match against Ben.

This meant that Lea, Ben and Charlie Price would be moving on to the final match. This was the first time in quite a while that all three #1 seeds won.  

 BowlingArizona Action - 2014

 Michael Haugen Jr. - Wins PBA Scorpion Tournament in Las Vegas for $20,000 - Also Wins His Dream Girl Proposing on TV after Tournament

  Las Vegas - Michael Haugen Jr. became a winner in more ways than one in Las Vegas at the PBA's WSOB Tournaments held at South Point Bowling Center.

  He came on strong to qualify as the leader on the PBA Scorpion Tournament. He won his final game and took home the first place prize of $20,000 and - to every ones surprise - his special prize the girl of his dreams, Pee Tee.

  Michael proposed to Pee Tee after winning the tournament and it was captured for TV in a romantic way.

  It is reminiscent of Liza Wagner winning a ladies PWBA tournament years ago and then receiving a trophy and a marriage proposal on TV.

  Pee Tee said,  "Michael won his 4th PBA National Title by winning the Scorpion Championship then surprised me and proposed on TV!

"The only stipulation was that he HAD to win in order to be able to do it on TV...Pressure??? What Pressure???

"I am over the moon and so happy that I will get to spend the rest of my life with this AMAZING man!!! Thanks to all our friends and family who have supported us!"

  See Scorpion Tournament Results after 14 Games

  Michael Haugen Jr. - On a Roll - Takes Second Straight PBA Regional at "The Battle of Black Oak" - Now has 19 PBA Tournament Wins

  Michael Haugen Jr.  of Carefree, Az., did it again. He won "The Battle of Black Oak" PBA regional tournament at Tuolumne, Ca. and took home $2,500.

  It was his second straight PBA Regional win. He previously won the "Fog City Open."  Haugen now has 19 PBA tournament wins.

 See Tournament Final Standings

  They bowled on PBA Regional Tour Viper. The Regional Tour Viper measures 39‘.

  Mike gave a thanks to Richard Hanson and Ebonite international for his bowling balls and also to Vise Inserts for their continued support.

  Mike used a  Game Breaker 2, Disorder, Pivot, and Honor bowling balls for the  weekend.

 He also gave a thanks to  Let It Roll Bowl and Fourth Street Bowl in San Jose, CA. for giving him practice time to work on his game

Michael Haugen Jr. - Stays Hot - Even When Wrestling the "Bear,"

Wins Fog City PBA Regional

  Michael Haugen Jr. won the Fog City Open PBA Regional Tournament at Daly City, Ca., on the difficult "Bear Pattern" for his 18th PBA Tour Title. He won $2,000.

"I Stayed patient and grinded it out," said Haugen, who is from Carefree, Az.. "I caught a big game at the right time and won the title."

See Tournament Final Standings

 Michael thanked Richard Hanson and EBI for his bowling balls. He used the Game Breaker 2, Honor, and Lx05 and Pivot. "The Lx05 saved me big time," Haugen said. He also thanked Vise for their continued support.

  See videos of Bear Pattern.

"It was even more brutal on the final day," said PBA bowler Scott Norton, who finished second.  "Congrats to Michael Haugen  for an amazing performance today running away with the win. Happy I was able to string together a big last game to hold on to second."

Missy Parkin said: "Well didn't have a good look, but happy to have made the top 10. Congratulations to Michael  for winning the tournament and congrats to Scott for a clutch last game to stay in 2nd place."

Josh Blanchard Wins PBA Regional at Ukiah Lanes in California With Partner Ed Silva

 Josh Blanchard  of Gilbert, Az., and Ed Silva of Maneteca, Ca., won the PBA Regional doubles tournament at Ukiah, Ca

 It was Josh's  6th PBA title. "I got lucky and had a great partner" he said.

  See Tournament Final Standings

  Missy Parkin and Dale Eagle finished second.

I want to thank Mike Schutz for putting on a great event! The staff at the center did great.  Also a big thank you goes out to Columbia 300 and Turbo Grips for supplying me with their products.  

Time to prepare for the WSOB next month.

Michael Haugen Takes Arizona State Masters Tournament - 4 in Row!

   Michael Haugen of Carefree, Az., called it a "Pretty cool weekend at Mesa East Bowl" - even on a hot weekend in Az. 

  Mike Led the Az State Masters from the first game and managed to stay undefeated in match play to win the  Arizona State USBC for the 4 consecutive title. See Tournament Match Play Results

  He had two tough matches against Brett Wolfe, but came out on top.

 Mike used the Blur Hybrid, Game Breaker 2, Lx05, and Arson Low Flare.

 Mike gave a thanks to Richard Hanson and EBI for the bowling balls and to Mike Calderon at Bowl 300 Pro Shop for making sure all the balls had the same feel.

Bryanna Caldwell took the Arizona Queens.


Ben Laughlin Wins ACBA Tournament at Brunswick Via Linda Lanes - Thanks to His Wife and Dave Wodka!

  September 14, 2014  - Ben Laughlin won his 22nd ACBA tournament at Brunswick Via Linda Lanes on Sunday, September 14. The ACBA stands for the Arizona Classic Bowlers Association.

  "I wanted to stay home and watch my first place Buffalo Bills but was shamed into bowling  by  Dave Wodka and my wife," said Ben.  "Turned out ok. ACBA title 22."

 ACBA is sponsored by Hammer bowling and Pruitts furniture.

 Ben used a Columbia Takedown for qualifying and a Columbia Eruption Pro Hybrid in the stepladder matches for a 279 semi final game and 248 in the title match. He bowled on the demanding US Open pattern.

 Ben Dewberry and Kyle Duster did well too. "It was definitely a grind for sure," said Ben. "Thanks to Brunswick Via Linda for hosting the event and Roger Sensing and Hammer bowling for their continued support of the ACBA."

  In the senior-ladies division, Tony Maresca was the winner and second was Tina Niles. Tony beat Tina 197 to 186 in the final game.

  Michael Haugen Wins the GPL Scratch Classic Tournament in Tucson Against a Tough Field, Jacob Butturff Second, Brett Wolfe Third

    September 13, 2014 - Michael Haugen won the GPL Scratch Classic Tournament in Tucson at Golden Pin Lanes. Mike won $2,000. It was a well done and competitive tournament.

 Mike averaged 242 for the 10 game tournament. His highest game for the day was 279. He also shot a 276.

  Second was Jacob Butturff averaging 234 follow by Brett Wolfe averaging 229 and Stu Williams at 228. They bowled on the PBA Chameleon pattern.

  Chris McHenry had the high game for the tournament a 299. He finished sixth.

 Mike put in a thank your  to Nathan Arthurs , Golden Pin Lanes, the tournament staff as well, Dave Wodka and EBI for the support and hard work to put on the tournament. There were 60 top notch bowlers.

Stuart Williams Blasts a 858 league Series - But Opponent Matt Jones Throws two 300s at Him

  Stuart Williams, who bowls on the PBA Tour, shot an 858 series in league action. Williams fired games of 279, 300 and 279.

Stuart Williams

Matt Jones

  He used a Rotogrip Defiant Soul ball.

  However, Williams's opponent turned out to be a tiger by the name of  Matt Jones who shot games of  300, 213, 300 for an 813 series. !

So Williams lost two out of three but quipped: "At least I caught him on series!"Matt used a Hammer black widow legend ball.

Kevin Jenkins wins ACBA Open Tournament, Ron Simonis Takes Seniors Division

 Kevin Jenkins won the ACBA Open Tournament at Brunswick Mesa Lanes. Bill Nedry was second in the "Battle of the Lefties."

In the Senior ACBA Division, Ron Simonis topped a very good field. Second was Warren Eales.

  There were 60 entries including six ladies. Three of the gals made the first cut.

Jim Pratt Wins PBA Western Regional Tournament

Takes Home $2,500 After Shooting Final Game of 279,

Dave Wodka a Heart-Breaking Second

Josh Blanchard Third, Jake Peters Fourth

See Videos of Jim Pratt (Red Shirt) Lane 23-24 - 279 game to win title vs. Josh Blanchard - Dave Wodka vs Jake Peters on lanes 21-22 - and Award Presentations - 28 minutes. (Internet Explorer has fastest download.)

See Championship Video Part 1 - 15 minutes (WMV file)

See Championship Video Part 2 and Awards - 14 minutes (WMV file)

See match Josh Blanchard 213 vs Stu Williams 206 - 13 minutes-wmv

See match Mat Jones 225 vs Jim Pratt 198 - 8 minutes-wmv

See match Dave Wodka 214 vs Josh Blanchard 213 - 22 minutes-wmv

See match Lanndyn Carnate 217 vs  Kevin Foley 198 - 16 minutes -wmv

Videos soon to be on for mobile.)

      September 7, 2014 - Gilbert, Az. - Jim Pratt won the PBA Western Regional Tournament at Flipside Lanes in Gilbert, Az. and took home $2,500 for first prize.

   Jim Pratt

 It was a thrilling finish to the grueling 24-game tournament that ran on Saturday and Sunday.

 Dave Wodka who was leading going into the final game threw a 2-10 split in the final frame of his final game  and failed to covert the difficult shot.

 That give Jim the opening to come in - and did he come in  - by firing three more strikes in the 10th frame to finish with a 279 and the trophy.

  The final tally including 30 bonus points for a win and total pins came to: Jim Pratt 5,799 to Dave Wodka's 5,788.

  Dave Wodka

  Jim lives in Glendale, Az., and runs the Jim Pratt Pro Shop under the name Revolutions Pro Shop.

  He was among the leaders throughout the tournament. Jim bowled on the National PBA Tour several years ago. It was his fourth PBA regional title. Jim used a Storm Pitch Black bowling ball, a urethane ball cover. See Storm Products for details. - or call Jim at Revolutions Pro Shop.

 Dave hails from Henderson, Nevada. He won $1,300. He is a multiple PBA regional winner. Dave used mostly a Columbia Sting Ray ball, a urethane. See Columbia 300

 Josh Blanchard finished third for $1,100 and Jake Peters was fourth for $1,000.

  Josh Blanchard

  There were 64 of the best bowlers in the area competing including PBA bowler Stuart Williams who hails from England. He finished 10th and was a leader during early part of the tournament.

  Jake Peters, of Decatour, Ill., finished fourth, He was in contention up to the last game but then ran into trouble.

  Jake Peters

  The bowlers competed on the 32-foot Wolf pattern.

  Most of the righhanders played up the outside five board with a strong hook on the back end. During qualifying competition some balls dropped into the drink on an error to the right for righanders and vice versa for southpaws.

 The lefties did fairly well. In the first round of qualifying they were put together on the same lanes.

 Brett Wolfe of Tempe, Az. did the best of the lefties finishing seventh with a point total of  5,490. He took home $750. Kyle Duster, a young bowler, won an award and pockeed $900 for the weekend.

  There were several ladies in the tournament. Doing the best was Diana Zavjalova of Henderson, Nev. She came in 25th. Diana won the 2013 Queens Tournament.  Second among the ladies was Bryanna Caldwell of Chandler, Az.

  Bowlingarizona's tournament picker "Muscleman" (aka Ron Badger) had it right. He picked Jim Pratt as the tournament winner and Dave Wodka for second. Jim was beaten down in odds by Muscleman to 7-5. He also picked Peters for 4th - right on. Nice going!  

 Also Russ Soviatt had Jim Pratt picked for first. Nice going!

     The Final Standings For the Top 16 Bowlers

Place   Name Total Points Prize
1 Jim Pratt       5799   $2,500
2 Dave Wodka    5788   $1,300
3 Josh Blanchard 5,677   $1,100
4  Jake Peters 5,667   $1,000
5 Kyle Duster  5,612    $900
6 Mat Jones 5,542    $800
7 Brett Wolfe 5,490    $750
8 Derek Acuff 5,457    $725
9 Michael Haugen 5,433    $700
10 Stuart Williams 5,374    $675
11 Jakob Butturff 5,370    $650
12 Andrew Cain 5,301    $625
13 Lanndyn Carnate 5,172    $600
14 David Sevier 5,028    $575
15 Dave Cirigliano 5,014    $550
16 Kevin Foley 4,878    $525

   PBA Tournament Director - Gary Mage -

  The PBA Rufus West Regional Open presented by Columbia 300 was held September 5 (Friday) to September 7 (Sunday) at Flipside Lanes.

See Tournament Final Standings

The lane pattern was the 32 foot Wolf.

See other PBA oil patterns

Flipside is at 4874 S. Val Vista Dr. in Gilbert, Az.

To See Details go to the PBA regional website.

See Roster of PBA Regional Flipside Participants

A thanks to the staff at Flipside for providing excellent facilities for the PBA Bowling Tournament.

     Josh Blanchard - comments - I want to thank everyone who particiapted in the PBA regional this weekend at Flipside in Arizona. It was a lot of work but well worth it after it was all over. First of all, congratulations to Jim Pratt for winning the inaugural event with an impressive 279 the last game on a demanding pattern! Secondly I want to thank Nathan A. Crane II for allowing us to bowl at his facility this weekend. There are not very many proprietors that want to host tournaments anymore, but Nathan stepped up to the plate and welcomed us with open arms.

  Thank you to all the sponsors who made this event possible; San Tan Ford, Flipside, Dexter,, Columbia 300, Trilogy Golf Course, Virtue Bowling, Sergio Montes from Allstate Insurance, Hampton Inn, and Steve Cooks Bowling Supply. Without all of you, this event wouldn't have been possible!

  Last, a big thank you goes out to my wife who put in countless hours to make this event a big success. The owner is already looking forward to next years event and making it bigger and better! Thank you to everyone who came and bowled and or watched.

Coverage by Leo Fasciocco - 

PBA Regional Tournament at Flipside Lanes, Gilbert, Arizona

Leaders After First 8 Games - 16 More to Go.

Stuart Williams

   Jim Pratt

  Dave Wodka

     Brett Wolfe

Place   Name Pins Average Plus-minus  Odds to win
1 Stuart Williams       1917 239 +317   8-5
2 Jim Pratt      1905 238 +305   2-1
3 Dave Wodka 1881 235 +281   5-2
4 Brett Wolfe  1833 229 +233   3-1
5 Jake Peters  1825 228 +225   7-2
6 Andrew Cain 1805 225 +205   4-1
7 Jakob Bulturff 1798 224 +198   5-1
8  Mat Jones 1789 223 +189   6-1
9 Josh Blanchard 1775 221 +175   9-2
10 Lanndyn Carnate 1771 221 +171  10-1
11 Derek Acuff 1755 219 +155  11-1
12 Dave Cirigliano 1751 218 +151  12-1
13 Michael Haugen 1744 218 +144   5-1
14 Kyle Duster 1731 216 +131  15-1
15 David Sevier 1731 216 +131  20-1
16 Kevin Foley 1725 215 +124  20-1

                                Fan Participation

 Picks for the finals of the PBA Regional at Flipside Lanes

                       Prior to the Final 16  Games

Finish   Lightening Man DashboardKitty
1 S. Williams       7-5 M. Haugen          5-2
2 J. Blanchard    5-2 J Blanchard         3-1
3 D. Wodka        3-1 D. Cirigliano       7-2
4 M. Haugen      9-2 S. Williams          4-1
5 A. Cain            5-1 B. Wolfe             6-1
6 J. Pratt            6-1 J. Pratt               7-1
7 B. Wolfe          6-1 Mat. Jones        8-1
8 L. Carnate     10-1 L. Carnate         10-1
Field Rest of Field   25-1 Rest of Field      25-1
Finish   Chucky Muscleman
1 M. Haugen      2-1 J. Pratt              7-5
2 S. Williams      5-2 D. Wodka         2-1
3 J. Blanchard    3-1 M. Jones          4-1
4 B. Wolfe          7-2 J. Peters           9-2
5 K. Duster        5-1 J. Butturff        6-1
6 M. Jones         6-1 J. Blanchard    7-1
7 J. Peters          8-1 S. Williams      8-1
8 D. Wodka       9-1 M. Haugen      9-1
Field Rest of Field   25-1 Rest of Field      25-1
Finish   Russ Soviatt's Picks Lucky Lewie
1 J. Pratt            2-1 A. Cain               9-5
2 B. Wolfe         5-2 B. Wolfe            5-2
3 S. Williams     4-1 S. Williams        3-1
4 A. Cain           9-2 L. Carnate         4-1
5 J. Peters         5-1 D. Wodka          5-1
6 M. Haugen     6-1 J. Pratt              6-1
7 J. Blanchard   8-1 Mat. Jones       7-1
8 J. Butturff       9-1 D. Cirigliano     9-1
Field Rest of Field   25-1 Rest of Field    25-1


Fan Participation - Pre-Tournament Picks and Morning Line Odds.

Here is the call by our Bowling Handicapers on how they see the finish and odds prior to the tournament start.

Highlight in blue shows those qualifying for the top 16 Finals.

Finish   Lightening Man DashboardKitty
1 S. Williams       2-1 M. Haugen          2-1
2 B. Laughlin      3-1 J Blanchard         3-1
3 J. Blanchard    4-1 D. Cirigliano       4-1
4 K. King            9-2 D. Zavjalova       9-2
5 D. Wodka        9-2 B. Wolfe             6-1
6 M. Haugen      5-1 K. Dommer       10-1
7 A. Cain            8-1 Mat. Jones        15-1
8 D. Cirigliano   15-1 L. Carnate         20-1
Field Rest of Field   25-1 Rest of Field      25-1

Finish   Muscle Man "The Nation"
1   D. Wodka       2-1 B. Wolfe          2-1
2   B. Laughlin     5-2 A. Cain            5-2
3   J. Blanchard   3-1 M. Haugen      3-1
4   K. Jenkins      9-2 K. Jenkins       4-1
5   A. Cain           6-1 J. Pratt             5-1
6   S. Williams     7-1 B. Laughlin      6-1
7   M. Haugen    10-1 D. Wodka        7-1
8   C. Spencer    15-1 D. Haynes       8-1
Field   Rest of  Field   25-1 Rest of Field  25- 1
Finish   MR. J 300  
1   B. Wolfe        8-5  
2   J Blanchard   5-2  
3   M. Haugen    3-1  
4   K. Jenkins     9-2  
5   J. Pratt           5-1  
6   B. Caldwell    7-1  
7   M. Jones       10-1  
8   C. Spencer    12-1  
Field   Rest of  Field   25-1 Rest of Field  25- 1


 Kevin Jenkins Wins ACBA Tournament at Brunswick Mesa

In The "Battle of the Lefties." He Tops Bill Nedry,

Ron Simonis Wins Senior Division, Warren Eales Second

See video overview of ACBA Bowlers in Action  - 8 min

See video Bill Nedry going for 300 - 2 min

See Video of Kevin Jenkins win over Stuart Williams 11 min

  See Video of Kevin Jenkins win over Bill Nedry in Open Championship match - 13 min

See Ron Simonis win over Barry Gilitiuk Sr. - 16 min

 See Ron Simonis Win over Warren Eales for Senior Championship match - 19 min  

-------------Flash File ---------

  See Video of Kevin Jenkins win over Bill Nedry in Open Championship match - 13 min

  August 10, 2014  - Mesa  Az. - Kevin Jenkins of Tuscon won the Arizona Classic Bowlers Association Tournament at Brunswick Lanes in Mesa, Az.

Kevin Jenkins

  In "The Battle of Lefties," Kevin beat top qualifier Bill Nedry - 257 to 218.

  Kevin was zeroed in with his Columbia Blur Hybrid  ball and was pounding the pocket. Kevin is on the Columbia Bowling ball staff.

Bill Nedry

  Bill, who led the Open qualifiers, was sidetracked by a split early in the game and then again later in the match after running off five strikes in a row.

  Finishing third in the 29-man ACBA open division was Stuart Williams. He had led the field most of the way.

  However, he was knocked out in the final 3-man knockout by Kevin Jenkins 208 to 177.

Stuart Williams

  It was a disappointment for Stuart since he had bowled extremely well through most of the tournament.

  Among other top finishers in the ACBA Open division were Mat Jones, Jay Bernard, Lanndyn Carnate, Tim Simonis and Ben Laughlin.


  In the ACBA Senior-Ladies division, Ron Simonis walked away with top honors.

  Ron beat Warren Eales 227 to 209. Ron played an inside line -his favorite shot. He used a Hammer Absolute Curve ball throughout the tournament.

Ron Simonis

  Warren got into the finals by leading the senior division.

   Ron made it by eliminating Barry Gilituk Sr. 245 to 206.

  Ron played an inside line and tripped several 4 pins for key strikes. Barry went with his favorite down-and-in shot. He got sidetracked by a split late in the game.

  Among the top eight qualifiers of the 31 person Senior -Ladies division, three were ladies.

Warren Eales

  The other qualifiers were Aesah Turner, Kelly Urrea, Brandi Calderon, Mandy Etem and Karl Simonis.

   The 60 ACBA competitors - some of the best bowlers in Arizona - bowled 4 games of qualifying, then cut to the top 8 in each division, and then bowled 2 more qualifying games.

  The totals of all 6 games set up the finals, which consisted of the top three bowlers in each division in a one game knock-out match.   

Barry Gilitiuk Sr.

      The staff at Brunswick Zone Gilbert were great hosts.

   Coverage by Leo Fasciocco - and Ron Badger. Guest commentator  for Senior Championship Video Barry Gilitiuk, Sr.

ACBA President Brett Wolfe and Secretary Ron Simonis. ACBA Sponsors - Hammer Bowling and Pruitt's Furniture.

 BowlingArizona Action - 2013

 Warren Eales Captures Mesa Senior Masters Tournament

Rolls Two 300 games At Brunswick Zone XL Gilbert,

Cliff Connors, Second, Don Caron And Barry Gilitiuk Sr. Tie For Third

 See Warren Eales 300 Game in Championship match vs. Cliff Connors (with commentary) 19 min

See Warren Eales comments on ball and lane strategy 2 min

See Video Overview Master Finalists in action - 8 min

Download videos for Apple products:

   See Warren Eales 300 Game in Championship match vs. Cliff Connors (with commentary) 19 min

  See Video Overview Master Finalists in action - 8 min

   November 10, 2013  - Gilbert, Az. - Warren Eales captured the Mesa, Az., Senior Masters Tournament in brilliant fashion firing a solid 300 game in the championship match at Brunswick Zone XL lanes in Gilbert, Az. (see video)

Cliff Connors and Warren Eales

  Warren had the fans oohing and awing as he rolled strike after strike. It was his second 300 game of the tournament out of just seven games bowled.

  He used a Roto-Grip Defiant Soul bowling ball for his final 300. He was throwing hard and straight up the five board.

 One top senior bowler Larry Hoffman quipped: "If I tried to throw the ball that hard, I'd have to take a week off."

  The bowlers rolled on the PBA Cheetah pattern, which Warren said he tends to do well on. He played the condition with great accuracy.

  Warren defeated Cliff Connors in the final match 300 to 224. Warren bowled his other 300 game during the four game qualifying segment. Warren took home $440.

 It's been tough going for Cliff. He bowled in the Arizona Classic Bowlers Association Tournament at Flipside Lanes a few months ago and had a 300 game thrown against him by Keith Dommer. (see that game on

 Cliff  took home $250. In the finals, he played around the 10 board but pulled a few shots and went high. That was his undoing.

Barry Gilitiuk Sr.

  The tournament drew 22 of the best senior bowlers in the area - many of whom have thrown 300 games.

  Warren lives in Chandler, Az. He wore an ASU (Arizona State University) shirt. In the past, he was a coach for the ASU bowling team. His son graduated from ASU and his daughter goes there.

  Warren has been working out of Las Vegas with the U.S. customs department. He commutes. He bowls in two leagues a week and plenty of tournaments. He recently bowled a 300 game in the Valley of the Sun tournament. He's hot!

  Warren led the qualifiers by averaging 240 for four games. He knocked out Curtis Dornath 236 to 221.

Don Caron

  In a close match, he struck out to eliminate lefty Don Caron 238 to 232 in a thriller. Don had started with seven strikes in a row. Don had eliminated Bob Gazis 232 to 191.

 Warren's win put him into the championship match..

  In the other bracket, Cliff Connors beat Dwight Burns 237 to 224. Barry Gilitiuk Sr. koed Kurt Gries 246 to 163.

  In the bracket finals Cliff beat Barry 235 to 215. Barry need a strike in the tenth to win. He left a ringing 10-pin. Ouch!

  The tournament was run by the Mesa Bowling Association.

  The staff at Brunswick Zone Gilbert were great hosts.

   Coverage by Leo Fasciocco - 

 Brett Wolfe Runs the Gauntlet to Win ACBA Tournament at AMF McRay Lanes, Ed Smaglik Takes Second.

Keith Dommer Wins Senior Division, Larry Hoffman Second.

Aesha Turner Third and Best of Ladies

 See Video ACBA Bowlers in Action - 7 min

See Video Brett Wolfe vs Ed Smaglick game 1 (with commentary) 16 min

See Video Brett Wolfe vs Ed Smaglick game 2 (with commentary) 13 min

See Video Keith Dommer vs Larry Hoffman game 1 - 16 min

See Video Keith Dommer vs Larry Hoffman game 2 (with commentary) -17

  October 20, 2013  - Chandler, Az. - They call it the 41-foot Highway to Hell.

  That was the challenging oil pattern some of the best bowlers in Arizona had to run at the Arizona Classic Bowlers Tournament at McRay Lanes in Chandler, Az.  

It wasn't easy

Brett Wolfe

  But, running the gauntlet and winning the Open division was lefty Brett Wolfe who topped Ed Smaglik in a two-game scratch match 477 to 420.

  Brett, using one of his newly drilled Blue Hammer (Fab) ball, turned up the heat in the second game by running off a string of strikes to finish with a 276 game. Coupled with his 201 first game ended with 477.

Ed Smaglik

  Ed, top qualifier shot a nice 222 the first game, but struggled in the second and was switching balls. He shot 198 to finish with a 420.

  (see Kegel Highway to Hell Pattern)

  Brett got to the finals by beating lefty Dwight Burns in a tight match 194 to 185.

  Brett next took on smooth stroking righthander Dave Cirigliano. However, Dave ran into trouble with 2 opens early in the match and that burned him.

  Brett shot 235 to Dave's 189.

   In the Senior-Ladies division, Keith Dommer came out on top beating lefty Larry Hoffman in a two game match 395 to 370. It was a close match but Keith was steady all the way.


Keith Dommer

  Keith, from Tuscan, just turned 50 this year. He won the ACBA senior division at the recent tournament at Flipside lanes and shot a 300.

  Keith, using a Storm IQ Tour ball, shot 212 and 183 for his 395.

  Larry rolled a 174 and 196 for his 370.

Larry Hoffman

  Larry got to the finals by downing Aesha Turner in a  close match 212 to 202. Previously Aesha had topped Rick Herndon 220 to 161.

  The tournament drew 43 bowlers.

  Larry Hoffman shot the high game for the day a 279.

  Only 7 of the 43 bowlers were able to average over 200 in the qualifying. It was a challenge.

See qualifying stats of Open Divison.

See qualifying stats of Senior-Ladies Division.

  Ron Simonis was the ACBA Tournament Director. The Staff at AMF McRay were very helpful.

  Coverage by Leo Fasciocco - 

   Roger Sensing Wins First Strikeforce Tournament for $1,000, Anthony Dang Takes Second for $500

They Tackle The Difficult PBA Shark Condition at Brunswick Kyrene Lanes  

See video Championship match Roger Sensing vs.Anthony Dang - 16 min.

See video Anthony Dang vs. Robin Unficht - "B" Division Elimination Match  - 15 min.

  September 29, 2013  - Chandler, Az. - Roger Sensing put on a show of steady and consistent bowling to win the Strikeforce tournament at Brunswick Kyrene Lanes and take home $1,000.


Roger Sensing

   The bowlers went up against the difficult 43-foot PBA Shark condition.  

 It is one of the toughest patterns and requires good shot making.

  Many bowlers use a tight inside line to play the pattern because of the out-of-bonds.

   Roger, 77, defeated  Anthony Dang, 18 in the championship match 212 to 171 with handicap.

Anthony Dang

   Roger shot 187 with 25 pins handicap for his 212. Anthony rolled a disappointing 136 and with 35 pins handicap had a 171. The lefty ran into trouble with splits.

  The tournament drew a 111 entries.

  Roger used a Brunswick Aura Mystic ball and played an inside line around 15 with just a slight belly.  He played a steady game keeping out of trouble and making spares.

  Anthony, playing on the left side, used a big swing shot with his smooth two-handed release. He started with a Storm IQ ball. He then switched to a Storm Frantic ball and got two strikes in a row but then came back with several splits to seal his doom

  Roger won the a division by beating Lynn Arthur 223 to 205 with handicap.

  In the preliminary match Roger edged out Joe Mascio 201 to 196 with handicap.

  In the B division, the winner Anthony Dang knocked out Robin Unficht in an exciting match. Anthony shot 291 with handicap (256 scratch). Robin rolled 249 with handicap (198 scratch).

  In the other A division eliminations Lynn Arthur knocked out hard throwing lefty Derrik Acuff  230 to 216 with handicap in a match that went down to the final frame.

  In the B division elimination matches, Anthony Dang beat Teri Hamilton 234 to 213 with handicap. Robin Unficht topped Ryan Staudinger 248 to 154 with handicap.

  Craig Spencer was the Strikeforce Tournament director. He along with PBA bowler Josh Blanchard run the Virtue Bowling shop at Mesa Brunswick Lanes.  

 The Brunswick Kyrene staff provide good accommodations. They re-oiled the lanes with the Shark for the finals.

  See Strikeforce web site for complete details.

  Coverage by Leo Fasciocco and Ron Badger-    

Ryan Staudinger Captures $1,500 in the Labor Day Strikeforce Tournament In "The Battle of the ASU Bowlers"

Russ Oviatt Comes in Second for $750, Tournament Draws Record 206 Entries

See video Ryan Staudinger and Russ Oviatt - championship - 16 min.

See video Rolloff Russ Oviatt and Terry Fronterhouse - 7 min.

See video Strikeforce Bowlers in action - 8 min.

  September 2, 2013  - Mesa, Az. - Ryan Staudinger captured the $1,500 first prize for the Labor Day Arizona Strikeforce Tournament at Brunswick Mesa lanes in Mesa, Az.

  The tournament drew a record 206 entries.

  The final championship match turned out to be "The Battle of the ASU Bowlers." 

Ryan Staudinger and Russ Oviatt

  Ryan Staudinger got into the finals by qualifying as the leader of the B division (bowlers with averages below roughly 190.

 He was matched up against Russ Aviatt, who squeaked into the finals by taking the A divison (bowlers with averages above roughly 190).

  Ryan and Russ are both students at Arizona State University in Tempe, Az. The are both interested in journalism and film.

  Monday, Both were in the spotlight.

  Ryan defeated Russ 227 to 200 including handicap to take the title.

  Ryan, who uses a two-handed, strike style, rolled a 188 and with 39 pins handicap finished with 227.

  The smooth stroking Russ shot 191 and with 9 pins handicap finished with 200.

 Russ won $750 for second place. He is also a JBT bowler and so collected his winnings as scholarship money.

  Russ is from South Dakota and has come to Arizona to pursue his education at ASU.

  Ryan, using a DV8 Marauder ball, played around 17 to 20 at the arrows with a swing shot. He ran off four straight strikes, opened in the next two frames but managed to hang on.

  Russ, using an IQ Pearl Storm ball, played around 15 at the arrows. He could have struck out in the 10th frame to win. He did not.

  They bowled on a demanding 41-foot pattern with heavy oil on the front end and some out-of-bounds. The normal time to oil a lane at Mesa Brunswick is about a minute in a half. However, this pattern took 2 minutes per lane.

  Ryan made the finals by rolling a 241 with handicap in the B division. That topped the 228 by Michael Holland and the 214 by Chris Huglin.

  Russ got into the finals by winning a rolloff.

  Russ shot 222 with handicap while Terry Fronterhouse shot 222 too. The other bowler in the A division  Dyland Taylor struggled shooting 163 with handicap and was knocked out.

  In the two frame rolloff Terry punched the nose and got away with a strike. Russ made two marks and finished with 37. However, Terry punched the nose again and was punished by leaving a 7-10 split. It was his downfall.

  Craig Spencer was the Strikeforce Tournament director. He along with PBA bowler Josh Blanchard run the Virtue Bowling shop at Mesa Brunswick Lanes.  

 The Mesa Brunswick staff provide good accommodations.

  See Strikeforce web site for complete details.

  Coverage by Leo Fasciocco and Ron Badger-   

Keith Dommer Stole the Show at the ACBA Tournament   Winning the Senior Division and Throwing the First 300 Game Ever at the New Flipside Lanes.

Ben Laughlin Wins the Open Division Beating 14-year old Rising Star Cortez Schenck

See Video Keith Dommer 300 at Flipside Lanes -17 min

See Video Ben Laughlin vs Cortez Schenk - ACBA Open championship -18 min

See Video Keith Dommer vs Robert Lewis - ACBA Senior Championship -19 min

See Video Cortez Schenk vs. Josh Blanchard -17 min

See Video Craig Spencer going for 300 - 2 min

  August 25, 2013  - Gilbert,  Az. - Keith Dommer, a smooth stroking righthander, won the Senior division of the Arizona Classic Bowlers Tournament at the new Flipside Lanes in Gilbert, Az.   

Keith Dommer

  The tournament drew 62 of the best bowlers in Arizona.

  Keith defeated Robert Lewis in the senior finals in a thrilling match that went into overtime.

  Flipside lanes opened earlier this year in Gilbert Az. It was offering a special $300 prize to the first bowler to shoot a 300 game.

  Keith did it! (see video).

  He used a Storm IQ Tour ball and played an inside line crossing around the 20-board out to about 10.


Ben Laughlin

  Ben Laughlin, one of the top regional PBA bowlers in the West, took the open division of the ACBA  tournament defeating 14-year old budding star Cortez Schenck in a close two-game total pins march

  Ben, who led the open division all day, shot a 168 and a 212 for a 380. That topped Cortez's 372 coming on games of 182 and 190. Ben and Cortez both played deep inside lines.

  Ben said afterwards: "That young man is going to win a lot of tournaments."


Cortez Schenck

  Ben used Amp, First Blood and Absolute Curve bowling balls.

  The ACBA tournament consisted of 5 games of qualifying.

  Then there was a cut to the top 50% for two more qualifying games. The top four leaders then bowled a knock out match with the final match being two-games total pins.

  There were two divisions the open division and the senior-lades division.

  (See the ACBA site for total payoffs which included various prizes for high games and bonuses. )

  See standings after first five games open.

  See standings after first five games senior.

  Jordeen Koizumi did the best of the ladies.

  Keth Dommer's road to victory was a trying one. He made it into the finals by winning a tie-breaking roll off. In his first match he blew out Cliff Connors. Keith shot 300, Cliff a respectable 213.

  Keith then defeated Terry Fronterhouse to make it to the finals.

  Keith's championship match was against the senior leader Robert Lewis.

  Keith was making his first appearance in the senior division. He turned 50 on Saturday August 24, the day before the tournament.


Robert Lewis

  It was a nail-bitter of a match. Keith struck out in the final frame of the second game to tie the match at 464 for two games. He shot 226 and 238. Robert shot 230 and 234.

   The bowlers then had a special rolloff game. Keith ran off several strikes early in the game and coasted to an easy 224 to 170 victory.

  In the open division. young Cortez Schenck beat PBA touring pro Josh Blanchard 205 to 198. Cortez used a Storm marvel pearl ball and Josh a 505c2 Track ball. A key open frame did Josh in. He was among the leaders during qualifying.  

  Cortez then knocked out Shawn Wood 191 to 137. Shawn ran into split problems.

  Ron Simonis was the ACBA Tournament Director. The Staff at Flipside were very helpful. The assistant general manager is Clint Gumm.

  Coverage by Leo Fasciocco - 

    Bowlmor AMF Takes Over AMF Lanes

The New Company, Bowlmor AMF, is the Largest Operator of Bowling Centers in the World. AMF Has Several Centers In Arizona

     NEW YORK — AMF Bowling Worldwide, Inc. and certain of its affiliates and Strike Holdings LLC (known as “Bowlmor”), today announced the completion of their merger.

  The new company, known as Bowlmor AMF, is the largest operator of bowling centers in the world with 7,500 employees, 272 bowling centers and combined annual revenue of $450 million.

“For generations, the AMF brand has been synonymous with bowling in America,” said Tom Shannon, head of Bowlmor AMF.

As a result of the transaction, AMF, which filed for Chapter 11 in November 2012, will reorganize and combine with Bowlmor to create Bowlmor AMF.

 The new company will be jointly owned by Bowlmor, certain of AMF’s second lien lenders, including an affiliate of Cerberus Capital Management, L.P. and Credit Suisse.

Tom Shannon

  The new company will include three different brands and categories of bowling centers, including Bowlmor Centers, Bowlero Centers and AMF Centers.

   In addition, Bowlmor AMF will hold a 50% ownership in Qubica AMF, the industry leader in bowling scoring, pinsetters, lanes, ball returns, pins and other capital and replacement equipment.

  The company and its partner, Qubica, look forward to a revitalized and renewed focus on Qubica AMF and expanding its innovation leadership and customer focus in the bowling industry.

  Tom Shannon said, “I am pleased to announce the completion of this merger. We are confident that Bowlmor’s proven approach to marketing and operations, coupled with AMF’s incredible scale and penetration in key markets, will ensure the company’s future growth and success and we are excited about the potential for renewed innovation and growth at Qubica AMF.”

“For generations, the AMF brand has been synonymous with bowling in America,” said Brett Parker, Vice Chairman, CFO and EVP of Bowlmor AMF.

  “Bowlmor is the leading upscale bowling brand. The completion of this merger will effectively bridge these two worlds, creating what we envision as the ultimate American leisure company.”

   About Bowlmor AMF: Bowlmor AMF is the largest operator of bowling centers in the world, with 264 domestic locations and 8 locations in Mexico that specialize in corporate and special events, as well as league and walk-in retail bowling.

   The company was formed in 2013 following the merger of Bowlmor, an upscale bowling and entertainment company, and AMF Bowling Worldwide, which was at the time the world’s largest owner and operator of bowling centers.

  Cerberus Capital Management, L.P.: Established in 1992, Cerberus Capital Management  is one of the world’s leading private investment firms. Cerberus has $20 billion under management invested in four primary strategies: distressed securities & assets; control and non-control private equity; commercial mid-market lending and real estate-related investments.

 From its headquarters in New York City and large network of affiliate and advisory offices in the US, Europe and Asia, Cerberus has the on-the-ground presence to invest in multiple sectors, through multiple investment strategies in countries around the world.

   Credit Suisse: Credit Suisse AG is one of the world’s leading financial services providers and is part of the Credit Suisse group of companies.

 As an integrated bank, Credit Suisse is able to offer clients its expertise in the areas of private banking, investment banking and asset management from a single source. Credit Suisse is headquartered in Zurich and operates in over 50 countries worldwide.

  To learn more about our AMF locations, please check out


  Bowlmor AMF said it will still support league bowling

    That was the word from Tom Shannon, the chief executive, chairman and president of Bowlmor AMF.

   Bowlmor AMF is the name of the newly merged operations of New York-based Bowlmor and Virginia-based AMF Bowling Worldwide, Inc.

  The merger was completed last week with AMF proposing the consolidation as a way to emerge from Chapter 11 bankruptcy.

   Bowlmor AMF will be the largest bowling center operators in the world, with 272 centers and 7,500 employees.

   Bowlmor’s six bowling centers do not have league bowling so speculation was that AMF’s leagues could be in jeopardy. But Shannon, who served as CEO of Bowlmor, laid to rest that assumption.

“We plan to increase the league bowling business, not shrink it,” said Shannon. He cited AMF’s “large customer base” in league activity for declaring that its league bowling was “very safe.”

   Shannon, a bowling enthusiast who carries a 170 average, also clarified that Bowlmor had not eliminated league bowling at all of its centers as reported in media outlets. He said only one of his centers eliminated league play.

    Bowlmor’s centers are similar to AMF’s nine “300” bowling houses – upscale bowling houses with a Vegas-style sports look and laneside food and drink service.

  “AMF went bankrupt twice in the last 10 years,” Shannon said, “and a good question is how did it happen? I didn’t buy AMF to get in bankruptcy a third time, but to save it.”

  Shannon said that Bowlmor was the “only bidder willing to pay” to help AMF out of bankruptcy.

And he added there were no plans to close any of the AMF facilities; in fact, he hoped to expand the operations.

    In November, AMF filed for bankruptcy protection, saying the slow economy and debt of almost $300 million made it impossible for the company to pay for improvements to its bowling houses.


   BowlingArizona Action - 2013

Tom Large Celebrates 72nd Birthday by Winning $1,000 at Strikeforce Tournament at AMF Chandler Lanes - Beats out 91 Other Bowlers

Joe Mascio Comes in Second for $250

   See video with commentary - Championship Game and Roll Off - Tom Large vs Joe Mascio- 17 min.

  See video with commentary  Joe Mascio, Brian Waugh and Bill Nedry. - 16 min.

  June 23, 2013  - Chandler,  Az.- Tom Large, a righthanded stroker, won the Strikeforce bowling tournament at AMF Chandler lanes on Sunday. He took home $1,000 and it was a special day for him - it was his 72nd birthday.   

Tom Large

Tom defeated 24-year-old Joe Mascio of Scottsdale in a thrilling final match that went into overtime and had the crowd on the edge of their seats.

  Tom finished his game with a 268 and so did Joe.!

  Tom shot 235 with 33 pins handicap for his 268. Joe had 242 with 24 pins handicap for his 268.

  The bowlers then had a two-frame total pins rolloff.

Joe Mascio

  Tom opened with a baby split, the 3-10. He missed it and got only nine.

  Next Joe got a strike but then in the next frame left a baby split 3-10 too. He missed it also. Joe finished with a two frame total of 28.

  Tom got up and threw a strike on his first ball and then spared by converting the big buck to finish with 29. A winner!

  Tom, who started bowling at age 13 back in Evansville, Indiana, told the fans after the match that it was his birthday. What a surprise!

  Tom said he moved to Arizona when he was 15 and worked as a pinboy when he was younger - that was before automatic pinsetters.

  Tom, a smooth stroker who uses a special sock on his sliding shoe, was using a Ebonite Venom bowling ball. He qualified out of the B division. He uses a backup shot to make leftside spares.

  Joe, who used a Track 811 C/T ball, came out of the A division.

  Joe got to the finals by beating two red-hot bowlers - top qualifier lefty Bill Nedry and righthanded cranker Brian Waugh.  With handicap, Joe shot 269, Brian 233 and Bill 201. Bill bowled well but left about five 7-pins.

Bill Nedry

  In Tom's qualifying match he shot 243 with handicap. That topped the 217 of Brian Call and the 212 of  Daniell Scott.

  Craig Spencer Strikeforce Tournament director said there were 92 entries. The AMF staff at Chandler hosted the tournament well.

  See Strikeforce web site for complete details.

  Coverage by Leo Fasciocco - 

   BowlingArizona Action - 2013

Dave Cirigliano Capture Second Straight ACBA Tournament At AMF Chandler Lanes,

Brett Wolfe Second in Open Divison

 Cliff Connors Throws Clutch Strikes To Take Senior Division,

 Kelly Urrea Comes in Second

See video - Game 1 - Dave Cirigliano vs. BrettWolfe - 17 min.

See video - Game 2 - Dave Cirigliano vs. Brett Wolfe - 16 min.

See video - Game 2 - Cliff Connors vs Kelly Urrea - 10 min.     

  February 17, 2013  - Chandler,  Az.- Righthander Dave Cirigliano won the ACBA (Arizona Classic Bowlers Association) Tournament at AMF Chandler Lanes Sunday defeating lefty Brett Wolfe in a two-game, total-pins final match.

  Dave's two-game total scratch was 443 versus Brett's 368.

  Dave shot 237 and 206 and won easily. Brett struggled shooting 187 and 181, well off  his hot pace of earlier in the day.

  They bowled on the USBC White Pattern.

 AMF Chandler has wooden approaches and synthetic lanes.

  Dave climbed the stepladder finals by defeating first righthanded cranker Johnathan Hill 226 to 201.

  Next Dave eliminated lefty Dwight Burns 226 to 201. Dwight missed a seven pin in the eight frame to seal his fate.

  Dave a smooth stroking right hander played mostly an inside line around 15 out to about 8.

 He said he started the final matches with a Storm Sync, then went to a Storm Lucid and finished with a Storm Vivid. Dave runs the Bowling Dyanmics Pro Shops.

 It was a disappointing loss for Brett. He dominated the qualifying.

 The bowlers rolled 4 games and then the top seven qualifiers in the Open and 6 in the Senior group bowled another two. The highest totals for the 6 games went on to bowl a step-ladder final.

 After six games, Brett led the ACBA Open division with a 1402 for a 234 average. He shot 766 for the first three.

 Dwight Burns was second at 1304 for a 217 average and Dave Cirigliano third with a 1288 for a 214 average.  

  In the final two-games with Dave, Brett could not get lined up and a few splits sealed his doom.

  He left the lanes sarcastically mumbling "righthanders have all the advantage."

  The ACBA seniors winner was Cliff Connors who came on strong at the end of the second game to beat Kelly Urrea on totals of  474 to 457.

  Cliff shot 235 and 239.

 Kelly shot 242 and 215. Kelly missed a spare late in the second game to open the door for Cliff, who came through in the clutch.

  Cliff said he started with a Brunswick Aura ball and then switched to a Storm Nano (International).  Both Cliff and Kelly played deep inside lines.

  In the knockout matches in the senior division, lefty Tony Maresca topped Bob Hanson 184 to 149. Bob, a righthander, used an outside line and ran into trouble.

Cliff Connors then eliminated Tony 192 to 178.

  There were two lady bowlers taking up the ACBA challenge. In the four-game qualifying, Tina Niles averaged 197 and Aesah Turner averaged 196.

 The ACBA, a scratch tournament, drew 51 entries. Hammer Bowling and Pruitts Furniture are sponsors.

 Ron Simonis was tournament director.

  See qualifying stats of Open Divison.

  See qualifying stats of Senior-Ladies Division.

  Coverage by Leo Fasciocco - 


Doug Stock Rallies ToWin Sunday's Amateur Bowlers Tournament at AMF Chandler Lanes

Ben Dewberry Second,

Kevin Enomoto Takes ABT's Saturaday Event

    See video - ABT Championship Game 1 Doug Stock vs  Ben Dewberry - 17 min with commentary.

  See video - ABT Championship Game 2 - Doug Stock vs. Ben Dewberry - 18 min with commentary.

Chandler, Az., February 10, 2013 -  Righthander Douglas Stock made a strong comeback and won the Sunday Amateur Bowlers Tournament at AMF Chandler lanes for $700.

Doug Stock

  Stock defeated Ben Dewberry in a two-game total match by 444 to 399 including handicap.

 Stock got 38 pins a game handicap, while Dewberry received 22 pins. It was Stock's second ABT championship.

 Dewberry took home $350.

  The ABT headed by C.J. Carmine said the tournament is being staged in two parts - a Saturday Tournament and a Sunday Tournament.

  In the first game, Stock shot 161 and with 38 pins handicap finished with 199. Dewberry rolled a 192 and with 22 pins handicap finished with a 214. It looked like Doug was doomed.

  Ben Dewberry - Doug Stock

  However, in the second game Doug rolled a nice 207 and with 38 pins handicap finished with a 245.

  Ben ran into trouble with some opens and shot only 163 and with 22 pins handicap had 185.

  The bowlers bowled on a 40-foot Kegel sport pattern which left the outside wet.

  Doug used a down-and-in shot around 10 to 13 at the arrows with a DV8 Hell Raiser Terror bowling ball. He had a Storm Sync ball in reserve.

  Ben played a tight swing shot crossing the arrows around 22 out to about 10. He used a Track 300C ball.

  Stock got to the finals by beating John Payne 226 to 199 with handicap.

  Dewberry made it to the finals by topping Charlie Kremer 222 to 207.

   See CJ Carmien tournament director and the Amateur Bowlers Tour Phoenix Division web site for the final standings.

   Coverage by Leo Fasciocco - 

Dave Cirigliano Wins ACBA Tournament at Let It Roll Bowl By One Pin,

Ben Laughlin Takes Second in Heartbreaker

   Phoenix, January 20, 2013 -  Righthander Dave Cirigliano won the ACBA (Arizona Classic Bowlers Association)  Open Division Tournament at Let It Roll Bowl on Sunday. The tournament features the best bowlers in the Arizona area in scratch play.

  Dave defeated former PBA National Touring player Ben Laughlin. Dave shot 227 to Ben's 226.

  Dave had a chance to shut out Ben late in the game but a 10 pin leave in the 9th, followed by a strike and another 10 pin leave left Dave with a 227 game.

  Ben, who has been fighting injuries, needed a strike in the 10th. He left the ringing 10 pin. Ben finished with 226 in a heartbreaker.

  Dave runs the Bowling Dynamics Pro Shops in Phoenix and Chandler.

  The tournament was the ACBA's 2nd major of their 2012-2013 season. The lane condition used was a Kegel Route 66 pattern.

  After 8 games of qualifying, Gary Estep led at 341 over which include a perfect 300 game. He averaged a sensational 242. Let It Roll Bowl tends to provide some high Scores with good action coming off the sideboards. Gary was using a Hammer Taboo for his 300.

 He will receive a Hammer ball of his choice. The Hammer incentives began at this tournament. Hammer is a cosponsor of the ACBA Tournaments.

 In second place after 8 games was Dave Cirigliano at 329 over. In third was Jay Bernard at plus 250 and qualifying 4th for the top 4 cut to match play was Ben Laughlin at 232 over.

 The final 2 cash spots went to Jonathan Hill for fifth and Larry Shaver for sixth.  Jonathan missed the finals by just one pin.

  In the first semi-final match top seed Gary Estep faced off against 4th seed Ben Laughlin. Ben bowled great winning  280 to 215.

  In the other semi final, Dave Cirigliano topped Jay Bernard 267 to 225.

 The ACBA thanked Let it Roll bowl for hosting the even and both Hammer bowling products and Pruitts furniture for sponsoring it.


Lefty Bill Nedry Captures $1,000 at Strikeforce Handicap Tournament at Brunswick Kyrene Lanes,

 Jai Janoe Takes Second and $500

 See video - Strikeforce Championship Match for $1,000 Bill Nedry vs Jai Janoe - 16 min with commentary.

  See video - Strikeforce Overview - Bill Nedry, Billy Pretlove, Jai Janoe and Ben Newberry - 8 min.

  January 13, 2013 - Chandler, Az.-- Lefty Bill Nedry ran the gauntlet at Brunswick Kyrene Lanes and won the $1,000 first prize at the Strikeforce Tournament.

  Bill Nedry

  Although, Bill rolled some big games in qualifying  that include a scratch 780 series for three games, he still had to weave his way through several difficult and close semifinal matches. He did!

  In the final championship match, Bill beat righthander Jai Janoe 244 to 226 with handicap. Jai, a previous Strikeforce Tour winner, took home $500.

   Bill shot 235 and with 9 pins handicap and finished with 244. Jai rolled 198 and with 28 pins handicap finished with 226. Both players got stung with several hard-hitting single pin leaves when going for strikes.

   Kyrene is Bill's home house. He bowls league there. So, he was defending his home turf.

  Jai Janoe

   He used a line up going up the 5 board on the left side with a Storm IQ Tour bowling ball. He had a great shot and was executing very well.

  Jai used a Storm Victory Road bowling ball and played a modest inside line through 12 to 15 with a breakpoint near 5.

  They bowled on the PBA Chettah pattern. The scoring was high overall. There were 103 entries - a good turnout.

  Bill, the top qualifier in the A division,  just made it to the finals. He beat Billy Pretlove 209 to 206 with handicap. It was a heartbreaker for Pretlove. He opend with splits in the eight and tenth frames to give Nedry an open door.

  In the final frame Nedry need to convert the tricky 3-6-9 spare. He did and got the fill to win. A tough loss for Pretlove.

  Jai Janoe got to the finals via the B division by knocking out Ben Dewberry. In the prior match Jai shot a sensational 267 and with 28 pins handicap to finished with a 295.

   Craig Spencer was the tournament director. See Strikeforce web site for complete details.

     Coverage by Leo Fasciocco -  


   BowlingArizona Action - 2012

Matt Villegas Wins ACBA Open Tournament At Mesa Brunswick,

Ron Schloss Second, Ron Simonis Takes Senior-Ladies Division  on the Chameleon Pattern

See video - ACBA  Players in Action - 6 min.

See video - ACBA  Players - 6 mim. for ipads and iphones.

     December 16, 2012  - Mesa,  Az.-- Righthander Matt Villegas won the Open division of the Arizona Classic Bowlers Association Tournament at Brunswick Mesa Lanes Sunday.

  The tournament, a six-game total pins wins event, drew some of the best bowlers in Arizona. They crossed the house playing on the PBA 35ft Cheetah pattern. Several of the bowlers were PBA (Professional Bowlers Association) members.   

Matt Villegas

Villegas bowled 1292 for the six games. He averaged 215. He won around $350 as the ACBA spread the payout through various ways that include high games, bonus pot and eliminators per set etc.

  Matt won two high single games. He won the first with a 248 and the last (sixth game) with a 244. The condition was not easy and many bowlers struggled.

See Matt's League History.

  Matt told that he played an outside line going between 5 and 10 on the right side. He said he was using a breakpoint around 5 at around 40 feet. Several other top bowlers tried the inside line around board 15.

Ron Schloss

  The Columbia bowling ball staffer said he started with a Columbia Omen ball, then switched to a Columbia Mass Eruption and then a Columbia  Eruption.

 He put in a plug for Columbia noting they were coming out with a new ball, the Columbia Enigma, a high-end asymmetrical ball.

  Ron Simonis

  Coming in second in the ACBA Open was hard throwing righthander Ron Schloss who shot 1276 for a 212 average. Ron has been bowling and doing well in the Amateur Bowlers Tour too.

  Third was Dave Cirigliano who rolled a 1262 for a 210 average. He runs the Bowling Dynamics Pro Shops. Fourth was Dave Wodka with a 1249 for a 208 average and fifth was Ben Laughlin with a 1242 for a 207 average.

  Some other competitors included: Brett Wolfe, Mat Jones, David Leverage and Kevin Jenkins.

  See Results of ACBA Open Division

 In the Senior-Ladies ACBA Division, Ron Simonis came out on top by a whisker with a 1272 for a 212 average.

Cliff Connors

  That edged out Cliff Connors who shot 1271 for 211.8 average. Ron and his brother Karl Simonis run the Bowlers Edge Pro Shop at Brunswick Mesa. So, Ron won this one on his home turf.

  Ron tends to play an inside line. He has bowled in many PBA events. However, he said afterwards that he was playing an outside line between the 5 and 8 board.

  See Ron's League History.

  Robert Lewis was third with a 1242 for a 207 average and Carey Hofmann was fourth with a 1232 and a 205 average.  

 Warren Eales rolled the highest game of the day a 268 in the final round.

Aesha Turner

  Best among the ladies was Aesha Turner with an 1152 for a 192 average. Mandy Etem rolled a 1096 and Tina Niles a 1083.

  There were 21 bowlers in the ACBA Open division

  There were 30 in the ACBA Senior-Ladies division.

  See Results of ACBA Senior-Ladies Division.

  The ACBA's next event is on January 27 at Let It Roll Bowl. (see ACBA website at

  Coverage by Leo Fasciocco - 

 Seth Greinermiller Takes Amateur Bowlers Tour Tournament for $1,000 At Mesa Brunswick

Daniel Kaurin Second for $400 on the Chameleon Pattern

See video -ABT Championship Match  for $1,000  - Seth Greinermiller vs Daniel Kaurin Game 1 - 17 min with commentary.

See video -ABT Championship Match  Game 2 Seth Greinermiller vs Daniel Kaurin - 19 min with commentary.

See video - ABT  Players in Action - 6 min.

     December 9, 2012 - Mesa,  Az.-- Seth Greinermiller - with a little help form PBA Bowler Walter Ray Williams - won the Amateur Bowlers Tour Tournament for $1,000 at Brunswick Mesa Lanes.

  Grienermiller defeated Daniel Kaurin in a two-game match of total pins. The score with handicap: 511 to 439.

Seth Greinermiller

  Seth shot games of 269 and 242 including handicap of 27 pins each game. His scratch games were 242 and 215.

  Daniel shot games of 222 and 217 including 43 pints of handicap each game. His scratch total was 179 and 174. Daniel won $400 for his second place finish.

 Seth used a Hammer Trap bowling ball and played an inside line between 15 and 20 with a swing out to 5 to 8. He was in the right spot with plenty of area at the breakpoint. They bowled on the Chameleon pattern, but after several squads the condition did dry up. He was in the pocket on most shots.

  Seth said afterwards he used more loft to set the ball up better for the move to the pocket. He said he spent some time studying videos of PBA bowler Walter Ray Williams to get a better idea of how to get more loft.

 Seth, who lives in Queen Creek, bowls league at Brunswick XL in Gilbert and at Brunswick Kyrene in Chandler, Az. He said he started the tournament with a DV8 Reckless ball but then changed to the Hammer ball so as to cut back on the hook.

  Daniel Kaurin used a Storm Fireroad Ball and played a down-and-in shot over the second arrow. He had difficulty getting to the pocket consistently. However, he was outstanding in making spares and converted a difficult split.

  Seth got to the finals by defeating Billy Pretlove 243 to 234 with handicap. Daniel Kaurin edged out hard-throwing Ron Schloss by 245 to 240.

  The other bowlers in the semifinals were Rob Shepherd, Kyle Howard and Joe Yannaci

   See CJ Carmien tournament director and the Amateur Bowlers Tour Phoenix Division web site for the final standings.

   Coverage by Leo Fasciocco - 

   BowlingArizona Action

 Jason Moll wins Amateur Bowlers Tour Tournament for $1,500, Also Wins Drawing for the Storm Lucid Raffle Ball,

Robert Bautista Second For $750 on the Viper Pattern at Brunswick Mesa lanes

See video -ABT Championship Match  for $1,500  Jason Moll vs. Robert Bautista - 17 min with commentary.

 See video - ABT  Players in Action - 6 min.

     November 25, 2012 - Mesa,  Az.-- Righthanded cranker Jason Moll won the Amateur Bowlers Tour Tournament at Brunswick Mesa lanes and took home $1,500.

  It was Jason's day as he also won the ABT raffle for a new bowling ball - the Storm Lucid.

  However, it was not easy as Jason had to fight through some low-scoring sequences to win the title. The bowlers had a tough time handling the PBA Viper condition and the relatively new Brunswick pins.

Jason Moll

  In the championship match on lanes 3 and 4 Jason shot 203 with handicap to defeat lefty Robert Bautista who shot 187.

  Jason rolled 191 and got 12 pins handicap for his 203. He used two different Roto Grip balls, one for each lane.

  Robert rolled 156 and got 31 pins handicap for his 187. He used an Ebonite Taboo ball. Robert won $750.

  ABT Tournament Director C.J. and Kesha Carmien ran 16 qualifying squads through Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

Robert Bautista

   The tournament came down to eight finalist who rolled "knockout matches."

  In the first four matches, Jason Moll eliminated lady bowler Carmen McGalliard 189 to 187 including handicap. Dave Kurlan knocked out Vince Dorsey 229 to 178.

  Ron Schloss, carrying 4 cross-over strikes, disposed of Daniel Kaurin 274 to 207. Ron was using a deep inside line around 22 with a Roto Grip Critical Theory ball. Finally, Robert Bautista eliminated Seth Greinermuller 222 to 203.

  In the next round, Robert Bautista held on in the final frames to knock out Ron Schloss 227 to 219.

Ron Schloss

  Jason Moll continued to struggle but held on to beat Dave Kurlan 184 to 168. Jason used a deep inside line around 17 to get to the pocket. Dave, who generally plays inside too, took a chance and played up the 10-board. It did not work.

  The bowlers were matched against each other via a blind draw.

  Jason said it was his first ABT win. He bowls at Brunswik Mesa in the Metro880 League and carries around a 225 average. However, he had to claw his way through the ABT Tournament.

  See CJ Carmien tournament director and the Amateur Bowlers Tour Phoenix Division web site for the final standings.

   Coverage by Leo Fasciocco - 

 "Hometown Favorite" Phillip Thompson wins Strikeforce Tournament at AMF Desert Hills Lanes for $500

 Jeff Brackett Takes Second, Denied Second Straight Strikeforce  Championship in a Row

See video - Strikefoce Championship Handicap Match  for $500  Phillip Thompson vs. Jeff Brackett - 16 min with commentary.

 See video - Match A Division Phillip Thompson vs. Ben Dewberry vs Chuck Kremer - 16 min with commentary.

 See video - Match A Division Jeff Brackett vs. Bo Copeland vs Kevin Enomoto - 16 min

 See video - Strikeforce Players in Action - 6 min.

     November 4, 2012 - Phoenix,  Az.-- Righthanded cranker Phillp Thompson came through in the clutch and won the Strikeforce Handicap Tournament at AMF Desert Hills Lanes in North Phoenix.

Phillip Thompson

  Thompson, who bowls two leagues at AMF Desert Hills, defeated Jeff Brackett in the final match 236 to 226 with handicap. Phillip won $500. He was not in the Progressive Pot.

   Jeff, who won the last Strikeforce Tournament, took second and $500. His high payoff was due to being in the Strikeforce Progressive Pot. If Phillip was in the pot he would have taken home $1,000. They bowled on a modified house pattern.

Jeff Brackett

  Phillip, striking late in the game, rolled a 209 game and got 27 pins handicap for his 236. Jeff rolled a 195 and got 31 pins handicap for a 226.

  Phillip used an inside line and DB8 ball and also a Storm Tropical Breeze. He does not use the thumb hole when throwing strikes, only when shooting spares.

  Interestingly, Phillip was scheduled to bowl Sunday night at Desert Hills but could not because he was in the tournament. His fellow league bowlers were cheering loudly for him.

  After winning the tournament, he decided to take the night off from the league. He said he was exhausted from the competition - and it was fierce.

  Phillip said he took about 4-years off from bowling because he was busy with his family. He got back into bowling just a few months ago.

  Phillip won the A handicap division by bowling a 240 which topped Chuck Kremer's 221 and Ben Dewberry's 205, with handicap. Both Chuck and Ben were recent Strikeforce Tournament Champions. Chuck used a Taboo RPM ball and Ben a 505A Track ball.

  Rounding out the A division was Rick Elliott who finished fourth, Ron Gonzales fifth, Mike Ramsey sixth, Don Cook seventh, Danielle Daugherty eighth and Chris Coffer ninth.

  It was a bit of a disappointment for Jeff Brackett, He had trouble striking on the right lane. Jeff won the B Handicap division topping Bo Copeland and Kevin Enomotto.

  Jeff, a lefthander, used a Brunswick Revolver ball and a DB8 ball.

  Danny Del Liano won the Track ball in the raffle. He just missed making it to the final three in the B division.  He finished fourth.  Ted McKay was fifth, Lynn Arthur sixth, Jesse Hughes seventh and Mike Holland eighth

   Craig Spencer was tournament director. See Strikeforce web site for complete details.

     Coverage by Leo Fasciocco - 

Brett Wolfe wins Strikeforce Scratch Tournament for $500 topping Jim Pratt at Brunswick Tri-City Bowl In Avondale

  Jeff Brackett Takes Handicap Division and $1,000 Beating Ben Spencer in an all Lefty Showdown, Ben Takes Home $500

They Bowled on a Tough Sport Condition

 See video - Strikeforce Scratch Championship Match for $500 Brett Wolfe vs. Jim Pratt Two Games - 32 min with commentary.

 See video - Strikeforce Scratch Players in Action - 7 min.

See video - Strikefoce Championship Handicap Match  for $1,000 Jeff Brackett vs. Ben Spencer - 17 min with commentary.

 See video - Match A Division Ben Spencer vs. Carlos Vejar - 15 min with commentary.

See video - Match B Division Jeff Brackett vs Jai Janoe vs. Liza Henderson - 20 min.

 See video - Strikeforce Players in Action - 7 min.

  October 28 2012 - Avondale, Az.-- Lefty Brett Wolfe, one of the best bowlers of all-time in  Arizona, won the Strikeforce Scratch Tournament at Avondale's Brunswick Tri-City Lanes for $500.

  Brett Wolfe

   Brett defeated Jim Pratt, former national touring PBA bowler, in a best of 2 out of 3 games. Wolfe won the first two games. A third was not needed.

   Brett, using his blue hammer ball and an ideal outside line, defeated Jim in the first game 242 to 225. Brett then won the second game easily 225 to 192.  

  Jim had difficulty carrying on the rightside from his deep inside line. He won $200.

 They bowled on a 39-foot sport pattern with a 2-to-1 oil ratio. There were 23 entries.


Jim Pratt

   Brett made it to the finals by bowling a sensational 279 in his final playoff game in the Sunday qualifying round.  He shot 897 for four games. Coming in second in that qualifying round was Matt Jones at 886 and Michael Haugen Jr. at 884.

 Jim lead the qualifiers on Saturday. shooting 804.

Jeff Brackett

    Tops for the ladies scratch bowlers was Jordeen Koizumi who shot 789 for 4 games.

  In the Strikeforce Handicap division Lefty Jeff Brackett took home the first prize and $1,000 by defeating Lefty Ben Spencer 228 to 184.

  Jeff, who won the B handicap division, rolled 198 and got 31 pins handicap for his 228. Ben, who struggled, shot 161 and got 23 pins handicap for a 184.

  Ben took home $500. He won the A division by beating Carlos Vejar 205 to 192 with handicap added.

Ben Spencer

   Jeff won the B handicap division with a 232 with handicap. That topped Liza Henderson with 195 and Jai Janoe with 176.

  Brunswick Tri-City is Jeff's home lanes. He bowls league on Monday. He injured his left hand several months ago and it was hurting during the tournament. He said he took some medication to ease the pain.

   Jeff used a Brunswick Revolver ball and Storm Nano. Ben used a Track 505C and Track 919T along with a Natural.

  There were quite a few entries. Jai Jonoe won a Track bowling ball in the drawing. Track is a sponsor for the Strikeforce Tournament.

   Craig Spencer was tournament director. See Strikeforce web site for complete details.

     Coverage by Leo Fasciocco - 


 Chuck Kremer - On His Home Turf and with a New Ball Layout - wins $1,000 at Strikeforce Handicap Tournament At Mesa East Bowl 

 Joe Yannacci Takes Second and $500

 See video - Strikeforce Championship Match for $1,000 Chuck Kremer vs Joe Yannacci - 16 min with commentary.

 See video - Strikeforce A Handicap final Joe Yannacci vs Dylon Taylor- 20 min with commentary.

 See video - Strikeforce B Handicap final Chuck Kremer vs Steve Hamlett - 16min.

  See video - Strikeforce Overview - 5 min.

  October 7, 2012 - Mesa, Az.-- Chuck Kremer turned his home turf into pay dirt by winning the Strikeforce Tournament at Mesa East Bowling lanes and pocketed $1,000.

  Chuck defeated hard-throwing Joe Yannacci in the championship match 235 to 213.

  Joe took home $500.

  Chuck, using a modest inside line over the 3rd arrow,  shot 205 scratch and got 30 pins handicap for a 235.

  Joe, using a deep inside line over the 4th arrow, rolled 193 and with 20 pins handicap totaled 213. Joe got into trouble missing two single pin spares.

  Chuck said afterwards Mesa East was his home lanes. Also, he used a Hammer Black Widow ball with a special layout.

  The ball was set up by Jerry Berndo and drilled by Ted McKay of Southwest Pro Shop based at Mesa East.

  The ball, using a Motiv layout was 80 by 3 inches by 45. That works out roughly to the pin being to the right and above the fingers, the CG in the center and the mass bias left of the thumb. That set up is for a righthanded bowler.

  The idea was to tame down the back end.

  It worked!

  Chuck made it to the finals by winning the B handicap division. He defeated Steve Hamlett 257 to 168.

  Chuck shot 227 plus 30 pins handicap for a 257, while Steve struggled and shot 140 plus 28 pins handicap for a 168.

  Joe Yannaci, using a Storm Defiant Edge, a pearl ball,  captured the A handicap division by edging Dylon Taylor 229 to 222. Joe is a cranker who puts only part of his thumb in the ball and basically palms it.

  Joe shot 209 plus 20 pins handicap for a 229 and Dylon threw 199 plus 23 pins handicap for a 222. Dylon used a Brunswick Command Zone Arc ball.

 Joe had to convert a 10-point spare in the last frame to win. He did!

  There were 86 entries. The bowlers tackled the USBC White Pattern, which is 40 feet.

   Craig Spencer was tournament director. See Strikeforce web site for complete details.

     Coverage by Leo Fasciocco -  

  Hard-Throwing Ernie Mendoza wins $1,000 at Strikeforce Handicap Tournament At AMF Christown

  Chuck Kremer Takes Second and $500

 See video - Strikeforce Championship Match for $1,000 Ernie Mendoza vs Chuck Kremer - 20 min with commentary.

 See video - Strikeforce A Division Finals Ernie Mendoza vs Ryan Burt vs Brian Roever - 13 min with commentary.

  See video - Strikeforce B Division Finals Chuck Kremer vs Ben Dewberry vs Jai Janoe - 16 min.

See video - Strikeforce Overview - 6 min.

  September 29, 2012 - Phoenix, Az.-- Ernie Mendoza, a hard-throwing righthander, powered his way to victory at the Strikeforce handicap tournament at Christown Lanes.

  Ernie won $1,000. He defeated Chuck  Kremer in the championship match 259 to 232.


Ernie Mendoza and Chuck Kremer

  Ernie shot 236 and  had 23 pins handicap for his 259. Chuck shot 200 and had 32 pins handicap for his 232.

  Ernie got into the finals by winning the A handicap division. Chuck won the B handicap division.


Ernie Mendoza and  daughter Jada, 8

  There were 85 entries. They bowled on a modified house condition

  Ernie, using a Track 300 ball, played a deep inside line. His high rev rate enabled him to get a high carry percentage on his pocket hits.

  Ernie came into the Strikeforce Tournament with a 191 average. He bowls in three leagues at Brunswick Kyrene lanes and averages as high as 220.

   See Ernie's League History.

  He said his low Strikeforce average was due to bowling on some challenging lane conditions.

  Chuck used an inside line too. However, a few opens early in the match was too much for him to overcome. Afterwards Chuck said he switched in the fourth frame from his Hammer Nail to a Hammer Taboo ball. 

 Ernie made it to the finals by rolling a sensational 282 with handicap in the A division finals. That easily topped Brian Roever's 182 with a 718A Track ball and Ryan Burt's 180 with a  Storm Marvel ball..

  Ernie rolled a 259 and got 23 pins handicap.

  In the B division finals, it went down to the wire. Chuck Kremer rolled a 234 topping Ben Dewberry's 218 and Jai Janoe's 204.

  Chuck rolled a 202 scratch and got 32 pins handicap.   

    Craig Spencer was tournament director. See Strikeforce web site for complete details.

     Coverage by Leo Fasciocco -  

 17-Year Old Anthony Dang Wins $1,000 at Strikeforce Handicap Tournament At AMF McRay Lanes - Thanks to a few Push-Ups

  Steve Hamlett Takes Second and $500 in A thrilling Final Match

  See video - Strikeforce Championship Handicap Match for $1,000 Anthony Dang vs Steve Hanlett - 19 min.

  See video - Strikeforce A Division Finals Steve Hamlett, Joe Yannacci, Ron Gonzales - 19 min.

  See video - Strikeforce B Division Finals Anthony Dang vs. Mike Holland - 19 min.

 See video - Strikeforce Overview - 6 min.

September 16, 2012 - Chandler, Az.-- Anthony Dang, a 17-year old high school student  from Cave Creek, Az., won $1,000 at the Strikeforce Handicap Tournament at AMF McRay lanes.

Anthony Dang

  It was his first ever Strikeforce Tournament. He said he has been bowling for only a year.

  Anthony, a lefty with a two-handed delivery, defeated veteran Steve Hamlett in the championship match 205 to 202 in a come from behind victory.

  Anthony shot 148 and with 57 pins handicap totaled 205. He struck in the tenth frame to pull out the victory.

  Steve shot 173 and with 29 pins handicap totaled 202.

  Anthony fell behind during the march due to several opens.

Steve Hamlett


  He went to the sidelines and started to do some push ups. He came back and finished well enough to eke out the win as Steve opened late in the game with a split.

  Anthony said later he did the push-ups because when he practiced with Jordon Nassberg he had to do 10-push ups for every miss.

 Jordon is the coach of the ASU Bowling Club. There were several ASU rooters there cheering Anthony along with his mother.

  Anthony used a Hammer Arson bowling ball and a swing shot.

  It was a tough loss for 6-foot 4 inch Steve who used an Ebonite 250K ball that he recently revitalized by drawing out the oil.

  Steve, who won three previous Strikeforce tournaments, bowls in the Metro 880 league at Brunswick Mesa lanes. His wife was there cheering him on. Steve has thrown three 300 games.

  Anthony made the finals by wining the B Handicap Division defeating Mike Holland in a squeaker 206 to 204 with handicap pins.

 Holland opened late in the game to allow Anthony to win.

  Steve took the A Handicap Division rolling 218 with handicap versus 198 for Joe Yannacci and 188 for Ron Gonzales.

  Steve shot 189 and had 29 pins handicap.

  Joe rolled 179 and got 19 pins handicap and Ron 168 with 20 pins handicap.

  There were 82 entries. They bowled on the Kegel Middle Road Pattern.

    Craig Spencer was tournament director. See Strikeforce web site for complete details.

     Coverage by Leo Fasciocco -  

  Keith Dommer wins ACBA title in Tucson,  Michael Haugen Second,

 Warren Eales Takes Senior Section With Cliff Connors Second  

   September 16, 2012  - Keith Dommer won the ACBA (Arizona Classic Bowlers Association) title in Tuscon beating Michael Haugen.
  Bowling in the ACBA Open division finals, Keith shot 232 to Michael's 222.

  Keith Dommer

  In the senior division, Warren Eales came out victorious in the title match defeating Cliff Connors 234-214.
   The ACBA said entries came from the greater Phoenix area, Safford Az, Nogales and Tucson.
 The tournament was held on Kegel’s Autobahn Pattern. The scoring pace was on the high end.
 After 6 qualifying games in the Open division the cut to the top 7 was plus 149. Leader was Kevin Jenkins at 356 over.
 That was followed by Randy Cote (who had back to back 300’s during qualifying) at 299 over.
  Third was Keith Dommer at 263 over. 4th through 7th were bunched up headed into the 2 game semis.
  Ben Laughlin was 4th (180 over), Lanndyn Carnate (163 over), reigning ACBA bowler of the year Dave Cirigliano (154 over), and PBA tour champion Michael Haugen Jr.(149 over). 
 After the 1st game of the semis the top 3 spots were solidified but the 4th and final spot for the elimination match play was up for grabs.
   Michael Haugen Jr showed why he is a PBA Tournament of Champions past winner bowling a big 268 game to grab the final spot for the match play finals.

Michael Haugen

    The finals were set. Top seed Kevin Jenkins squared off against Haugen Jr. Michael continued to have the hot hand and eliminated Kevin 257 to Kevin’s 221.

 In the other semi final match Tucson’s Keith Dommer prevailed over fellow Tucson entrant Randy Cote 215 to 186.
  This set up the final match where Keith Dommer defeated Michael Haugen Jr in a close match 236 to 222.
   In the senior division, after 6 games of Qualifying Mike Friedrichs lead qualifying with a solid 194 over for the 6 games.
 Second was newly relocated to Las Vegas Resident Warren Eales at 138 over. 3rd Cliff Connors plus 132. 4th Rick Herndon plus 115. 5th was Scott Washburn 113 over. 6th Ken Hosp at 89 over along with Dusty Blair at the same score of 89 over.
 Headed into the 2 game semi’s it was up for grabs on who was going to make the top 4.
 Cliff Connors got off to a quick start with a 278 game to climb to the top seed headed into elimination match play at 205 over followed closely by Warren Eales at 201 over.
 Third place was the always solid Mike Friedrichs at 197 over and grabbing the last spot for the top 4 was Scott Washburn at 131 over.
  This set up a Warren Eales vs Mike Friedrichs showdown in match 1. Warren dominated with a big 269-183 victory over Mike.
  In the other semi final match. Cliff Connors defeated Scott Washburn in a tight match 234 to 229.
 That Set up a title match of Warren Eales vs Cliff Connors. Warren Eales came out victorious in the title match defeating Cliff 234-214.
 Cactus Bowl hosted the ACBA event
   Also thank you to Hammer bowling products.  Thanks to Roger Sensing and PRUITTS furniture.
    Next month’s event will be at Fountain Bowl in Fountain Hills. Senior/Women will bowl at 9am on Sunday October 7th and the Open division will bowl at 11:30 am.

  Lordon Ferguson Wins $1,500 at Big Strikeforce Labor Day Handicap Tournament

  Kevin Enomoto Second for $750

  Dave Cirigliano Takes Strikeforce Open Scratch Tournament for $500 and Rick Herndon the Senior Open

Videos with Bowlingarizona Commentary  

 See video - Strikeforce Championship Handicap Match for $1,500 Lordon Ferguson vs Kevin Enomoto - 14 min.

 See video - Strikeforce Scratch Open Championship Match for $500 Dave Cirigliano vs Robert Lewis - Game 1 - 19 min.

 See video - Cirigliano - Lewis - Game 2 - 20 min.

 See video - Cirigliano - Lewis - Game 3 - 17 min.

 See video - Lordon Ferguson vs Bryan Roever - 15 min.


See video - Rick Herndon win over Roger Sensing for Senior Scratch Title and $500 - 15 min.

See video - Strikeforce Bowlers in Action at  Brunswick Mesa Lanes - 6 min.

See video - Strikeforce Handicap Semifinalist - Kevin Enomoto win - 16 min.

See video - Strikeforce Handicap Semifinalist - 1 - 17 min.

   September 3 2012 - Lordon Ferguson won the Strikeforce Labor Day Handicap Tournament at Brunswick Mesa lanes taking home $1,500.

Lordon Ferguson

  Lordon defeated Kevin Enomoto 255 to 228 with handicap added. Enomoto came in second and won $750.

 In the championship match, Lordon shot 235 and with 20 pins handicap had 255. Kevin, who missed a few spares, had 184 and with 44 pins handicap had 228.

  Kevin, a lefty, was playing outside going up around 5 to 7. He got hurt with a few shots that missed to the outside and failed to get to the headpin. He left two washouts but made one.

  Lordon turned in a gutty performance as the bowlers tackled the difficult USA 2012 national pattern. He used Hammer Vibe ball and played an inside line around 18 to 20 at the arrows.

  The diminutive righthander, who tends to get under the ball and put good revs on it, is hot.

 In the prior Strikeforce Tournament at Glenfair lanes in Glendale, he came in second and almost won that one going down in overtime.

  The Strikeforce Labor Day Tournament drew 175 entries over three days. There were several high-game payouts and the bowlers were treated with pizza.

  Lordon, who bowled in the A handicap division, got to the finals by downing righthander Bryan Roever 223 to 179 with handicap.

  Bryan, a righthanded stroker, got in trouble missing spares to the right.

  Kevin, who bowled in the B Handicap division. took out Dwayne Ehrman 203 to 184 with handicap to get to the finals.

  In the Strikeforce Scratch Division, Dave Cirigliano won and pocketed $500. Dave runs the Bowling Dynamics Pro Shops.

  Dave, a smooth righhander, held off a late try by Robert Lewis.

 Dave won two out of the three games to take the title. However, the title actually came down to the last shot in the third game. Dave need a spare and got it making the 3-6-10.

  The videos on the match give a good lesson on lining up (Dave) and also to fight through adversity.(Robert)

  In the first game Dave, using an Ebonite Purple Taboo ball, threw the last nine in a row to beat Robert 268 to 184.

  Dave was playing an inside line around 15 to 17 and was lined up very well.. Robert was playing outside around 7 and was having difficulty getting lined up. He seemed lost.

  However, in the second game Robert struck out to squeeze out a 210 to 205 win.

  The rubber-match game saw Dave switch to the Roto Grip Defiant ball. He won that game marking in the 10th to finished with a 224 to 212 win.

  In the Scratch Senior-Ladies Division, righthanded stroker Rick Herndon came out on top defeating Roger Sensing.

Rick Herndon

  Rick, using a Brunswick Damage, ball won the first game 182 to 161, lost the second 162 to 200, but took the third and the championship 193 to 166.

  Craig Spencer was the Tournament Director

   See Strikeforce web site for complete details.

   Mesa Brunswick Zone General manager Bob Gamez and his staff hosted the tournament.  

  Coverage by Leo Fasciocco -  

   Josh Blanchard Wins $15,000

At Silverado Open Championship

  PBA bowler Josh Blanchard of Gilbert, Az., won the Silverado Open Championship in Reno and took home $15,000.

Josh has done very well in the PBA regionals. He also bowls in international tournaments

  Josh was voted PBA Rookie of the year last season.

  The smooth righthander recently joined the Ebonite Staff.

  Josh gives bowling lesson in the Phoenix area.


 Jai Janoe Wins StrikeForce Tournament at AMF Glenfair in Exciting Rolloff after a Tie, Wins $1,000

Jai carries "Flipper Strike" to win, Lorden Ferguson Finishes Second

See video - Championship Match Jai Janoe vs. Lorden Ferguson - 27 min.

See video - Match  Lorden Ferguson - Mike Morales - Hokey Begay - 17 min.

See video - Match  Jai Janoe - Michele Large - Ben Dewberry - 17 min.

See video - Strikeforce Bowlers in Action at AMF Glenfair - 7 min.

   August 12, 2012 - Jai Janoe, a righthanded cranker, won the Strkeforce Tournament at AMF Glenfair Lanes in an exciting rolloff with Lorden Ferguson who finished second.

  Jai took home $1,000 and Lorden $250.

Jai Janoe, Cassie Shively, Jaicee

  Jai led the B handicap section and Lorden the A handicap division. In their championship match both bowlers struggled and finished tied at 178.

  In their two-frame roll off Jai won shooting 45.4 with handicap versus Lorden's 39.4 also with handicap.

  Jai got 8 spare in his first frame of the rolloff. In the second frame he threw the ball wide and missed the headpin leaving the 1,2,4 rail.

 He turned around in a bit of discouragement.. But to his surprise and the fans too the 4 fell forward taking out the two and then the one went down giving him a "flipper strike."

  He then got a 7 and a spare. to finish with 40 plus 5.4 pins handicap for a 45.4.

  Lorden got a strike in his first rolloff frame, then an 8-spare. He needed a strike. So, he lost a tough one.

Lorden Ferguson and Jai Janoe

  Jai said afterwards he was not going to bowl, but his mother talked him into it. Earlier in the week on Thursday he shot a 300 game in the league at Brunswick Mesa Lanes.

  He used a Storm Marvel Pearl ball and a deep inside line.

  The bowlers were bowling on the Kegel Challenge Sunset Strip pattern. Because AMF Glenfair lanes are older, the oiling pattern made it difficult to play outside. The scoring was low.

  In the qualifying round, Jai shot 134 scratch in his first game, but then came back with a 242 and 233 scratch to make it to the next step.

  In the three-player B elimination, Jai shot 232 with 27 pins handicap to win. Ben Dewberry shot 219 with handicap and Michele Large 215.

  In the A division, Lorden was sensational rolling a 257 and with handicap a 276.

  Hokey Begay, winner of the prior week Strikeforce Tournament, shot 189 and 212 with handicap.

 Mike Morales, who had won an Amateur Bowlers Tournament, struggled and shot 177 including 11 pins handicap.

   There were 92 entries for the tournament, according to tournament director Craig Spencer. 

  See Strikeforce web site for complete details.

  Coverage by Leo Fasciocco -  


  Hokey Begay Captures StrikeForce Tournament at AMF Chandler for $1,000, Tops Lefty Ben Spencer who Takes Home $500

"The Battle of the Track Balls"

See video - Championship Match Hokey Begay vs. Ben Spencer - 15 min.

See video - Match Ben Spencer, Don Caron, Bill Held - 16 min.

See video - Match Hokey Begay, Jesse Decker, Ben Dewberry - 17 min.

See video - Strikeforce Bowlers in Action - 6 min.

   August 5, 2012 - Righthander Hokey Begay won the StrikeForce handicap Tournament at AMF Chandler Sunday and took home $1,000.

Hokey Begay

 He beat lefty Ben Spencer in what could be called the "Battle of the Lefty versus Rightys" - or if you prefer "the Battle of the Track Balls."

   In the championship match on lanes 5 and 6, Hokey shot a 258 against Ben's 190 to runaway with the match.

   Hokey, coming from the class B handicap division, shot 233 and got 25 pins handicap for his 258.

   Ben, struggling and trying different lines, shot 168 and got 22 pins handicap for a 190.

Ben Spencer

  He was the leader from the A handicap division, which has bowlers with averages of 190 to 220.

   The B division has averages of 189 and below. Bowlers use league averages which eventually get adjusted to StrikeForce averages.

   Hockey used and inside line around 18 most of the game. He used a Track 505T ball.

   Ben used a Track Rising SE ball.

   Hokey using a 188 average led the B qualifiers.

   He won the knock out semi-final mach on lanes 7 and 8 by shooting 242 (217 plus 25 pins handicap, while Jesse Decker shot 236 with 32 pins handicap and Ben Dewberry had 228 including 27 pins handicap.

  The A division semifinals, on lanes 3 and 4, was an all lefty affair. Ben Spencer shot 246 with 22 pins handicap to win the match.

   Bill Held had 220 with 16 pins handicap and Don Caron struggled shooting just 162 with 3 pins handicap. Don put on a rush in the qualifying by shooting a 250 game to get into match play.

  In the final qualifying round there were 19 bowlers, 7 were leftys, 12 rightys.

  There were 85 entries for the tournament, according to tournament director Craig Spencer.

  The AMF staff at Chandler were very helpful.

  See Strikeforce web site for complete details.

  Coverage by Leo Fasciocco -    

  Hard Thowing Ron Schloss Wins Phoenix Amateur Bowlers Tournament at Brunswick Kyrene Lanes for $500

  Kyle Howard Finishes Second

  August 5, 2012 - Ron Schloss, a hard throwing righthander won the Phoenix Amateur Bowlers Tournament at Kyrene Lanes.

  Ron, bowling from the A division, defeated Kyle Howard from the B division 239 to 238 with handicap added.

Ron Schloss

  Ron shot 223 scratich and Kyle 214.

  Ron used a Too Reckless DV8 ball drilled by Billy Bundza and Brunswick Damage ball drill by Jon Crow. It was Ron's first ABT win. He is an avid tournament bowler.

  There were 30 members bowling and 40 entries. Some other cashers were Marie Redlin $100, Lanndyn Carnate $95 and Bryan Mitchell $80.

  See details at Phoenix ABT site   

Coverage by Leo Fasciocco  -  

Charlie Krauch Wins Strike Force Tournament at AMF Peoria and pockets $1,000, Bobbie Hinojos Second,

Krauch Knocks Out Dave Kurlin in the "Battle of the Hammers"

See video - Finals -Charlie Krauch vs Bobbie Hinojos - 17 min.

See video - Charlie Krauch vs Dave Kurlan - 17 min.

See video - Bobbie Hinojos vs Jesse Decker vs Bill Bracket - 17 min.

See video - Strikeforce Bowlers in Action - 7 min.

  July 29, 2012 - Charlie, Krauch, a hard throwing righthander, won the Strikeforce Handicap Tournament at AMF Peoria lanes on Sunday and took home $1,000

Charlie Krauch

  Charlie, who won the A Strikeforce handicap division, defeated righthanded lady bowler Bobbie Hinojos, who had won the B handicap division.

  Charlie won 256 to 237.

  They bowled on the Kegel "Beaten Path" pattern, which is oiled 41 feet.

  (Kegel - This 41 foot pattern is much like the MIDDLE ROAD but two feet longer. Because of this added length, the options of attack will be a little more limited and the pattern will usually play where the most worn or highest friction part of the lane surface is. The players who excel in reading the lanes will easily find the BEATEN PATH and make this pattern look relatively easy. If you veer too far off the BEATEN PATH, it will play more difficult.)

  Using a deep inside line, Charlie rolled a 246 game and got 10 pins handicap. Bobbie, using a down-and-in shot across the second arrow, had a 177 game and got 60-pins handicap.

  Charlie used a Hammer Venom ball. Bobbie, who took home $250, used a Brunswick Nexus regular ball.

Bobbie Hinojos

 Bobbie put in a gutsy performance, but two missed spares cost her.

She has taken lessons from Jim Pratt and Dave Leverage.

  Charlie was lined up nicely and pounded the pocket consistently. He is a prior Strikeforce winner.

   In the A division preliminary, Charlie Krauch beat Dave Kurlan 225 to 211 in "The Battle of the Hammers."

  Charlie shot 215 with 10 pins handicap. Dave shot 202 with 9 pins handicap. Dave lost because he got two splits, while Charlie got just one.

Dave Kurlan

  Charlie used his Hammer Venom ball, Dave used a Hammer Taboo Blue Silver. Dave played a deep inside line Charlie.

  In the B handicap division. Bobbie Hinojos knocked out Bill Bracket and Jesse Decker.

  With handicap Bobbie shot 243, Bill 207 and Jesse 205.

  There were 79 entries in the Tournament according to Tournament Director Craig Spencer.

  See Strikeforce web site for complete details.

  Coverage by Leo Fasciocco and Ron Badger  -    

 Lanndyn Carnate Takes ACBA Scratch Open Tournament, Matt Jones Second on demanding US Open Condition

Kelly Urrea Goes Brooklyn To Run Away With Senior Title

See video - Craig Spencer vs Dave Cirigliano - 15 min.

See video - Lanndyn Carnate vs. Dave Cirigliano - 18 min.

See video - Matt Jones vs Lanndyn Carnate - 17 min.

See video - Kelly Urrea vs Mike Landrith - 18 min.

  July 22. 2012 - It wasn't easy but Lanndyn Carnate won the ACBA (Arizona Classic Bowlers Association Tournament) at AMF Glenfair lanes in Glendale.

Lanndyn Carnate

  Carnate, a smooth stroking right hander, beat out Matt Jones, who is on the Hammer staff.

  Although they are friends, it was a bit of "giveback" as Jones had defeated Carnate the week before in the finals of  the Strikeforce Scratch Tournament at Mesa Brunswick.

  The bowlers had a tough shot to deal with, the U.S. Open condition. Most were forced to play inside, and in some cases like Lanndyn deep inside.

  The strong right hander was lofting the ball over the left gutter and going over the 30 board to get to the pocket.

  "It was a very demanding condition," Lanndyn said. "I had practiced that shot before. I used a Storm Victory Road Pearl ball."

  Dave Cirigliano came in third. He was named ACBA bowler of the year based on a point system.

  Dave runs the Bowling Dynamics Pro Shops in Arizona.

  Craig Spencer, using Track bowling balls, came in fourth. He led the 8-game qualifying block averaging 206, or a plus 48.

  Craig bowled well but ran into some carry problems in the matches.

  See video - Matt Jones vs Craig Spencer - 17 min.

  Dave Cirigliano averaged 200 in qualifying, Matt Jones 199 and Lanndyn Carnate 198.

  In the round-robin, Lanndyn won a key match beating Dave Cirigliano 208 to 200. The bowler who wins gets 30-bonus points.

  However, Matt Jones beat Lanndyn 258 to 225.

  The bowlers went through 8 games of qualifying and the top four in each division then bowled a round-robin. Total pins and bonus points determined the winner.


 Kelly Urrea

  In the senior division, Kelly Urrea ran away from the field and coasted in with the win.

 Cliff Connors came in second, Mike

Cliff Connors

Landrith third, and Alan Grobmeier was fourth.

See video - Cliff Connors vs Alan Grobmeier - 18 min.

  Alan recently did well in a PBA senior regional tournament in the Midwest.

  Kelly led the senior qualifiers for the first 8-games by averaging 205. He easily outdistanced Cliff Connors who averaged 188.

  Alan Grobmeier averaged 186 and Mike Landrith 186.

  Kelly, who is from New York, beat Landrith in their individual match 217 to 174.

 Unbelievably, Kelly got 5 Brooklyn strikes that game.

A Brooklyn strike is when a righthander crosses over to the left side of the headpin. The name Brooklyn was given to the shot back in the old days when some considered Brooklyn not as nice as New York..

  Kelly played modestly inside and started with a 900 Global ball, the Eagle, and then went with an Ebonoite Gamebreaker ball.

See video - ACBA bowlers  in action - 6 min.

  Ron Simonis was ACBA tournament director.  

  See ACBA Open Qualifying Standings

  See ACBA Senior Qualifying Standings

Coverage by Leo Fasciocco and Ron Badger  -    

 Dave Kurlan is the "ONE" -  Takes  Strikeforce Handicap Tournament and $1,100, Thomas Comer Second

  Matt Jones Wins Scratch Division and $500, Aesha Turner Tops Senior-Lady Division

 See video Strikeforce Handicap Finals Dave Kurlan vs. Thomas Comer - 17 min.

See video Strikeforce Finals Scratch Open - Game 1 Matt Jones vs. Lanndyn Carnate - 17 min.

See video - Game 2 Matt Jones vs. Lanndyn Carnate - 16 min.

See video - Game 1 and 2 Aesha Turner vs. Cliff Connors - 35 min.

  July 15, 2012 - You might say Dave Kurlan was "The One."

  Dave using his The One ball by Ebonite defeated Thomas Comer 238 to 221 to win $1,100 at the Strikeforce handicap tournament

  Thomas Comer and Dave Kurlan

at Mesa Brunswick lanes Sunday.

  They bowled on the difficult Chameleon PBA pattern - See video of chameleon pattern play.

  Dave ran off a string of strikes to finish with a 226 game, plus 12 pins handicap, ended with a 238.

  Thomas shot 181 and with 40 points handicap had a 221.

  Dave won the A division to qualify for the finals, while Thomas won the B division. The A division has bowlers with a 190 to 219 averages. The B division is 189 and below.

  Dave, using his  Ebonite The One ball drilled back in 2002, set up his shot by crossing the arrows around 20 to 25 with a tight inside line to hit the pocket.

  Thomas, using a Storm Vivid and Hammer Venom, was going down the second arrow, but later moved inside. He did pull some shots inside his target.

  Dave got to the finals by beating Roger Sensing 255 to 207 with handicap.

  See video Strikeforce Handicap A Finals Dave Kurlan vs. Roger Sensing 16 min.

  Thomas knocked out Chase Lazenby.

  In the Strikeforce Scratch Open division, Matt Jones, who is now on  the Hammer staff, beat Lanndyn Carnate in a best of 3 game series.

  Jones, using a Hammer Arson ball, won the first game 202 to 193. He ran away with the second game 234 to 200 to coast in with the win.

  Jones, used a deep inside line between 20 and 25. It seems he is in love with Mesa Brunswick having won the recent ACBA (Arizona Classic Bowlers Tournament) averaging about 260.

Lanndyn Carnate

 Lanndyn struggled. He started with a Storm Natural Pearl ball and went up the 5-board. However, he was getting over-under. He later moved to the 10 board and then 15 and then 20 and was changing balls.

  Jones said before the match he wanted to go with a Hammer ball with a symmetrical block so as not to jump off the spot (breakpoint).

  Aesha Turner in an exciting match, won the Senior-Lady scratch title.

  Aesha beat Cliff Connors in a best of three match.

  Aesha Turner picks up her check

 She won the first game 245 to 234 and the second 231 to 207.

  Aesha, who is originally from New York, learned to bowl with her dad. She has precision form, likes to play up the boards, but can swing it if need be.

Cliff Connors

 There were about 125 bowlers in the Tournament according to Tournament Director Craig Spencer.

  Mesa Brunswick Zone general manager Bob Gamez hosted the tournament.

  See Strikeforce web site for complete details.

  Coverage by Leo Fasciocco and Ron Badger  -    

  Brothers Varholdt - Daniel and Chris - Sweep Phoenix Strikeforce Handicap and Scratch Tournament  at Brunswick Kyrene Lanes

  Tina Stickney Second in Handicap, Brian Waugh Shoots First 300 in Strikeforce This Year

See video  Daniel Varholdt vs. Tina Stickney match 14 min.

See video Tina Stickney vs Brain Waugh and Charlie Light 14 min

See video Brian Waugh strikeout for 300 - 2 min.

  July 1, 2012 - It was a big day for bowling for the Varholdt brothers.

 Daniel, the younger of the two brothers, won the Phoenix Strikeforce handicap tournament at Brunswick Kyrene Lanes on Sunday and took home  $1,100 (scholarship).

  Craig Spencer, Strikeforce TD, Daniel Varholdt, Tina Stickney

  Daniel, a tall, hard throwing cranker with a 191 average,  beat Tina Stickney, a smooth stroker with a 215 average, in a thrilling one game match that had fans on the edge of their seats until the last shot.

  Daniel rolled a 255 (232 plus 23 pins handicap) against Tina's 251 (247 plus 4 pins handicap.

  Daniel, using a Storm Furious ball, poured on the strikes using a deep inside line crossing 20 to 22 at the arrows. He opened late in the game to give Tina a chance to win.

  However, Tina left a 4-pin on a pocket hit in the tenth frame. She needed a strike to win. It was a big disappointment, but she took it in stride.

  Tina used a Storm Vivid ball and a tight inside line crossing 15 at the arrows out to about 10.

  There was a big turnout for the tournament as the bowlers took on the PBA Scorpion 41-foot challenge pattern.

 The fans got a special treat as Brian Waugh, a hard throwing, no thumb cranker, bowled the first 300 game in a Strikeforce tournament this year.

  Brian Waugh

  He buried all three shots in the tenth.

 For his three game block he shot 220, 300 and 244 for a 764 series.

 He used an Ebonite Black Taboo ball.

  Brian, with a 214 average,  was in the A division of the handicap division.

  He and Charlie Light were knocked out by Tina Stickney in the final A handicap division match.

  Tina shot a sensational 268 and with 4 pins handicap had a 270 game. She used the Storm Victory Road ball.

 Brian shot 223 and with 4 pins handicap had a 227. Light had 176 and with 19 pins handicap had a 195.

  Daniel Varholdt made it to the handicap finals by winning the B division. He beat Chuck Kremer in a two-frame roll off.

  Chris Varholdt

  In the Strikeforce scratch division, it came down to a battle of the Chrises.'

  Chris Varholdt, the older brother of Daniel, defeated Chris Weyrauch  in a best of three game match.

 Chris Vanholdt took home $500.

  Chris, used Storm Marvel balls and played a deep inside line. He won the first game 194 to 178.

 Then Chris Weyrauch came back and won the next game 191 to 173.

  In the rubber game, Chris Varholdt came out on top easily 223 to 187.

See video Chris Varholdt and Chris Weyrauch final game - 9 min.

  Chris Weyrauch and Chris Varholdt

  In the Strikeforce Open -Senior division John Jones defeated Alan Grobmeier.   Jones shot a sensational 288 to beat Alan's 182 in the first game. John had the first ten in a row. He came up high on his try for the perfecto.

See video John Jones 288 versus Alan Grobmeier - 19 min.

  Jones  nailed the win by beating Alan in the second game 238 to 181.  

  Craig Spencer, TD, John Jones, Alan Grobmeier

     Craig Spencer was the Strikeforce Tournament Director. See Strikeforce web site for complete details.  

  Coverage by Leo Fasciocco and Ron Badger  -    

  "The Battle of the Mats"

Mat Jones Chalks Up 6th ACBA Victory with Win at Brunswick Mesa, Averages 265, Matt Villegas Second

 Johnny Wing Wins Senior Division topping Mike Landrith, Aesha Turner Best of the Ladies

   See video ACBA Players in Qualifying - 10 min

  May 20, 2012 - Mathew Jones, who recently joined the Hammer bowling staff, won his sixth Arizona Classic Bowlers Tournament at Brunswick Mesa Lanes.

  See video Jones-Villegas Game 1 - 13 min

  See video Jones-Villegas Game 2 - 17 min

  Jones, the top qualifier defeated Matt Villegas in a two-game total pins match 503 to 419. Jones shot games of 256 and 247 using a Hammer Taboo bowling ball and inside line to the pocket.

  Matt Villegas and Mat Jones

  Villegas, who is on the Columbia staff, rolled 214 and 205.

  Jones took the lead early in the match and coasted to the win.

  Jones averaged an amazing 265 for the eight games he bowled. They included a 300 and a 299 in qualifying. The scoring was high on the modified house condition.

  Jones shot 1622 for the first six games of qualifying. a 270 average.

  In the opening knock out rounds of the open, Chris Klerk, a hard throwing right hander, eliminated Joshua Quesnel 246 to 214. Chris on the Columbia staff used the new Columbia Wicked Encounter ball for the game and qualifying.

  The next game Chris switched to the Columbia Eruption ball. However, he was knocked out by Matt Villegas who shot 256 to Chris' 202.

  Villegas then eliminated hard-throwing Barry Gilitiuk 212 to 202. Barry was last years ACBA Open Winner.

  Barry shot a 300 game in qualifying and so did Kevin Bochenski.

   In the senior division, Johnny Wing, using a Storm Vivid ball, lead the qualifiers and took the final match and title by defeating Mike Landrith in a two-game match 467 to 395.

  See video Wing-Landrith 2-game Match - 33 min

  Johnny shot games of 244 and 223. Mike, using a Storm Too Furious ball, had 180 and 215.

  Mike Landrith and Johnny Wing

  Johnny shot 1546 in the six game qualifying for a 257 average.

  In the preliminary matches, Mike Landrith struckout to beat Tom Frigon 178 to 169. Mike had three splits, Tom two.

  Mike then knocked out smooth stroking lefty Tony Maresca 219 to 181. Tony had two splits.

  Mike then took out Alan Grobmeier 219 to 181. Alan had shot a 300 game in qualifying. He uses Motiv bowling balls.

  That set up the final match between Mike and Johnny Wing.

Aesha Turner

  Among the ladies, Aesha Turner came in first and 9th overall in the senior-ladies group. Aesha shot 1416 for 6 for a 236 average.

  Ron Simonis was tournament director.

   (See final results of qualifying for the ACBA Open for May 2012)

  (See final results of qualifying for the ACBA Seniors-Ladies for May 2012)    

  Coverage by Leo Fasciocco and Ron Badger  -  

ASU Bowler Shane Valleau Wins Strikeforce Tournament at AMF McRay Lanes

Jesse Decker Finishes Second

See video Shane Valleau - Jesse Decker Match 13 min

See video of Players in action - 6 min

  April 1, 2012 - Arizona State University bowler Shane Valleau won the Strikeforce Tournament at AMF McRay Lanes in Chandler, Az., and took home the top prize of $1,000 - not a bad days work for the upcoming business school graduate.

  Shane Valleau

  Shane, a hard stroking righthander, used a deep inside line to defeat lefty Jesse Decker in the final match 224 to 202 with handicap.

Jesse played an outside line. He won $500.

  Shane got 6 pins handicap and Decker 30 pins. Shane came into the match with a 202 average and Jesse with a 183.

  Shane used a 900 Global Bank Roll bowling ball. Jesse went with a new blue hammer ball.

  Shane is a junior in the ASU W.P. Carey School of Business in Tempe, Az..

 The ASU bowling club meets at AMF Squaw Peak Lanes usually on Thursday evening. They bowl in a tournament atmosphere on a variety of difficult lane conditions.

  Jesse Decker

  Shane said Jordon Nassberg, ASU coach, helped him with his game and so did PBA Pro Michael Haugen Jr. who works with the ASU bowlers.

   "Michael helped me to read ball action, Shane said.

  The bowlers competed on the Kegel Broadway pattern.

  In the preliminaries, Shane, bowing in the higher averaging A division, topped Mike Morales and Chris Hatcher to get to the finals.

  Jesse, bowling in the lower-average B division, knocked out Kevin Schaefer and Daniel Varholdt to get to the final match. It was close with Jesse shooting 183, Schaefer 174 and Varholdt 173.

  Strikeforce raffled off a Track 811A bowling ball. The winner was Charles Kremer.

  The Strikeforce Tournament was directed by Craig Spencer. There were 83 entries. See Strikeforce web site for complete details.   

  Coverage by Leo Fasciocco and Ron Badger  -  

Lynn Author Strikes His Way to Strikeforce Tournament Victory at AMF Tempe, Ron Gonzales Second

See video Author - Gonzales match 20 min

  March 25, 2012 -  Lynn Author won the Strikeforce Tournament at AMF Tempe Village Lanes Sunday defeating lefty Ron Gonzales 267 to 178 scratch.

  Lynn Author

  Lynn pocketed $500. He ran off a string of strikes in the final game to rack up the win in impressive fashion.  

 See video of  Strikeforce Bowlers in Action - 3-min.

  With handicap added in Lynn had 293 versus Ron's 194.

   Lynn, with a 187 average, received 26 pins handicap and Ron, with a 201 average, got 15 pins handicap.  

 The handicap is based on 220. Strikeforce is geared for amateur bowlers. Those with a 220 average or higher can not bowl.

  Ron Gonzales

   Interestingly, both players used a Brunswick Avalance urethane bowling ball. Lynn's ball, drill by Dave Leverages Pro Shop, BowlingwithLeverage, had the pin above the fingers and cg in the palm

  Lynn played an inside line crossing the arrows at 15 to 18. He got excellent carry and was in the pocket most of the game. They bowled on a house shot.

  Ron, who bowled well in the preliminary match, could not get zeroed in on  the pocket. He struggled from the left side.

  In the preliminary matches, Lynn defeated Daniel Scott 202 to 193 with handicap added.

  Ron Gonzales knocked out Ben Spencer 252 to 189 with handicap added. Spencer was sidetracked by several spits.

  Strikeforce gave a way a Track 508A ball. It was won in a drawing by Oscar Garcia.

  The Strikeforce Tournament was directed by Craig Spencer. There were 60 entries. See Strikeforce web site for complete details.

  Strikeforce final standings and payoff

  Coverage by Leo Fasciocco and Ron Badger  -  

Shane Centers Wins ACBA Open At Christown Lanes, Brett Wolfe Second

 Alan Grobmeier Takes Senior Division Beating out Tom Frigon.

 March  11, 2012 - Shane Centers won the Arizona Classic Bowlers Open Tournament at Christown lanes beating lefty Brett Wolfe in a two-game total-pins match.

  Shane Centers

  It was Shane's first ACBA win.

  Shane beat Brett in the two-game match 233 to 182 and in the second game 236 to 232.

  His two-game total was 469 to Brett's 414.

  Shane, from Tucson, used a Motiv Primal TV4 ball.

  He played an inside line standing at 25 crossing 15 at the arrows out to a breakpoint at 7.

  Brett Wolfe

 Shane averaged 243 for the tournament. Wolfe averaged 234.

  Hard throwing righty Ron Schloss came in third.

 Drew Towns was fourth and Ben Laughlin was fifth.

  David Leverage was sixth and Kevin Jenkins was seventh

  In the ACBA senior division Alan Grobmeier came out on top. He beat Tom Frigon in a two-game rolloff.  Alan totaled 464 for two games topping Tom's 438.

 Alan shot 248 to Tom's 200 in the first game and in the second game Alan shot 216 against Tom's 238. 

 Alan Grobmeier

  Alan was using a Motiv qz1 ball and playing between third and fourth arrows.

  It was his first ACBA win.

Alan averaged 233 for the day. Tom averaged 229.

  Mike Friedrichs came in third averaging 232, Chuck Mogavero was fourth with a 226 average and Aric Nagel was fifth with a 222 average.

  The ACBA's next tournament is on April 22 at RH Johnson Lanes at 10 a.m.

   Coverage by Leo Fasciocco  -

Josh Blanchard Finishes 10th at PBA US Open, Beats Mike Fagan and Pete Weber in Match Play

Michael Haugen Jr. Comes in 30th out of 389 Top Bowlers

Pete Weber Mows Down Field in Finals to Win 5th PBA US Open Title

  February 25, 2012 - Josh Blanchard of Gilbert, Az., finished 10th in the extremely difficult and highly competitive PBA USA Open held from Feb. 20 to 26 at the Brunswick Zone Carollier Lanes in North Brunswick, N.J.

  Josh Blanchard

  In the televised finals on February 26, Pete Weber worked his way through the field and defeated Mike Fagan to win the title.

  It was Pete's 5th US Open title - an amazing feat. He need a strike in his last shot, got it and won 215 to 214, He won $60,000. Fagan got $30,000

 Josh took home $4,200.

 He bowled 50 games for the week. His highest game was 256. He said it was the toughest condition he ever bowled.

  See Josh bowling 300 at Tournament in Spain

 Michael Haugen Jr. who came in 30th won $1,950.

  Mike, a hard throwing right-hander, who likes to play straight, averaged 206. His high game for the tournament was 255. He lives in Carefree, Az.

Michael Haugen

  The PBA US Open is probably the most difficult tournament. Some top names in the PBA ranks did not even make the cut. The lane pattern was "flat."  

 That means the boards across the lane were oiled evenly not at all like the typical house pattern. It required the bowlers to be extremely accurate and have good speed control

  The scores were low compared with easier conditions.

  Lanndyn Carnate of Glendale, Az., took the challenge and finished 132nd averaging 193. He did not make the cut.

Lanndyn Carnate

  It was a great experience for the young, hard-throwing righthander who has done well in the Arizona Classic Bowlers Association Tournaments and the PBA regionals.

  Josh was the Arizona star, though.

  He was seventh in qualifying averaging 215. The leader at that time was Ryan Shafer at 224.

  In match play Josh took some big name scalps.

  Josh beat Mike Fagan 200 to 196. He topped Ryan Shafer 211 to 203. He took out Osku Palermaa 202 to 189.

  In other match games, Josh put it to Rhino Page 216 to 213. He knocked down Jason Couch 207 to 203.

  Josh also beat Pete Weber 197 to 190. Weber, one of the all-time greats, won the difficult PBA US Open an incredible four times and came in second twice before notching his fifth win.


ArizonaClassic Bowlers Tournament

  Jim Pratt Wins February ACBA Open at Let It Roll Bowl Firing a 300 in Finals and 19 Straight Strikes

 Dave Cirigliano Second, David Leverage Third

Kelly Urrea Captures Senior Event, Cliff Connors Second, Jordeen Koisumi Best of Ladies

 See video Pratt 300-Cirigliano Game 1 - 15 min.

 See video Pratt-Cirigliano- Game 2  - 16 min.

  Phoenix, Az., February 19, 2012 - Jim Pratt, who bowled on the PBA National tour, gave an exhibition in "power bowling" by winning the Arizona Classic Bowlers Tournament at Let It Roll Bowl in Phoenix.


Jim Pratt

  Jim who led the qualifiers in the ACBA Open division defeated Dave Cirigliano in a two game total pins match by 556 to 460.

  Jim shot games of 300 and 256. He ran off a string of 19 strikes all in the pocket - 12 in the first game, 7 in the second. His string was snapped when he left a solid 8-pin on a solid pocket hit.

  Jim who uses a no thumb delivery was using a DV8 Reckless ball and playing a swing shot through the 20 board on the 42-foot modified house pattern. Jim runs the Revolutions Pro Shop in Phoenix.

  See Jim's League Average History

  "I just got run over by a buzzsaw,'" quipped Dave Cirigliano.   


 Dave Cirigliano

Dave shot 204 and 256. He was playing around the 15 board with a swing shot. He used a Storm bowling ball. He did well but not well enough.

Dave operates the Bowling Dynamics Pro Shops in Phoenix and Chandler.

  Jim Pratt led the qualifiers in the Open division shooting 1474 for six games, a 245 average. Jim shot a 279 in the third game of qualifying.

  See video of ACBA Bowlers in Action - 5 min.

  The lead up to the finals ended up being a "Battle of the Pro Shop Operators."

  In the first match Dave Cirigliano defeated Mike Dirmeyer 232 to 189.  See Dave Cirigliano's League Average history

Next Dave eliminated PBA bowler Ben Laughlin 204 to 191.

 Dave Cirigliano next ousted David Leverage 236 to 211.

  David Leverage runs the Bowling with Leverage Pro Shops.


David Leverage

However, Dave Leverage gave the crowd a thrill earlier in the day when he shot a 300 game in the fourth round of qualifying. He used a Roto Grip Defiant ball. He said it was his 50th 300 game.

  See video of David Leverage 300 - 3 min.

  Dave Cirigliano then lost to the red-hot Jim Pratt - yes he was wearing a red shirt!  

  In the senior-ladies division, Kelly Urrea came out on top beating Cliff Connors 462 to 408 in a two game match.


 Kelly Urrea

  Kelly shot games of 257 and 205. Cliff shot 196 and 212.

  Kelly led the senior-ladies qualifiers rolling 1373 for six games for a 229 average. He played an inside line to the pocket in the finals.

  See Kelly's league average history

  In the preliminaries, Steve Slifka topped Carey Hoffman 244 to 181.

Cliff Connors

  Connors then ousted Slifka 255 to 216. Connors then eliminated Tom Frigon 237 to 205 to get into the finals for the second straight ACBA tournament.

  See Cliff's league average history


Jordeen Koisumi

  Jordeen Koisumi did the best among the ladies shooting 1138 for six games or a 190 average.

  Coverage by Leo Fasciocco and Ron Badger  -

  (See final results of qualifying for the ACBA Open for February 2012)

  (See final results of qualifying for the ACBA Seniors-Ladies for February 2012)    

Phoenix Amateur Bowlers Tournament

Michael Morales Wins Phoenix Amateur Bowlers Tournament at AMF McRay Lanes, Takes Home $1,000

Donn Thompson Finishes Second

    Chandler, Az., February 18-19, 2012 - Michael Morales won the Phoenix Amateur Bowlers Tournament at AMF McRay Lanes on Sunday and took home the first place prize of $1,000.

  The ABT  ran on Saturday and Sunday and had 108 entries covering 74 members. One can reenter. See ABT AMF McRay Results.

Left to Right - Julie Mitchell ABT Corp. Treasurer, Michael Morales, Donn Thompson, Kesha and CJ Carmien, ABT Phoenix Branch Directors.

  The ABT is divided into two sections based on league bowling averages. Players are given handicap pins per game based on 70% of  225.

  The Masters section has bowlers with a 190 average or higher and they can get 0-35 pins handicap, per game. The classic has bowlers with averages below 190 and they can get from 25 to 75 pins handicap, per game.

   See Amateur Bowlers Tour Site for details.

  Morales led the Masters division. Thompson led the classic division. They bowled a two-game championship match total pins including handicap.

 Morales won as he pounded the pocket consistently going up the 5 board. Thompson, a lefty, had difficulty getting to the pocket. He said afterwards he did okay since he just got back into bowling after some 20 years.

  However, even as runnerup, Thompson did pocket $500.

  Including handicap, Morales shot 231 and 277 for 508. That topped Thompson who shot 185 and 211 for a 396.

  Morales, 28, used a Track 300C drilled by Craig Spencer of the Bowlers Zone pro shop at Brunswick Mesa Lanes. Michael bowls league at AMF McRay which is managed by Chris Watson who was on hand for the finals.

  See Michael Morales league averages

  Some other cashers in the ABT Masters included: Brandon Gilbert $350, Michael Jones $125 and Jacob Kaku $125.

  In the ABT Classic, Ginny Daugherty took home $220 and Joan Rowton $100.

  The total prize fund was $6,816 and 22 cashers.

  The ABT Tournament Director is CJ Carmien.

 The ABT's next outing is March 10-11 at AMF Union Hills Lanes. See details at Phoenix ABT site

Andrew Cain of Phoenix Named President of the United States Bowling Congress

   February 1, 2012 - The United States Bowling Congress Board of Directors has elected three-time Team USA member Andrew Cain of Phoenix as USBC President for the remainder of the current term, which ends July 31, 2012.

 Cain, 30, takes over for Jim Sturm, who stepped down earlier this month.

 "I'm very humbled and honored the board has confidence in me, and I look forward to continuing our positive work for bowling and fulfilling our mission," said Cain, who has served on the USBC Board of Directors since 2007.

  "The organization has clear goals and priorities set for the future. The industry and membership can expect steady leadership from me designed to keep us on course."

 Cain, who started bowling at age 6 and had his first 300 game at age 12, was a member of  Team USA in 2002, 2003 and 2005 and was a member of Junior Team USA in 2001.

  He has won nearly a dozen medals in international competition, and most recently was a member of the Team All-Events champions at the 2011 USBC Open Championships. Cain, who owns a small wholesale business, graduated from Arizona State with a degree in justice studies.

BowlingArizona Action

Arizona Classic Bowlers Tournament

  David Leverage Wins January ACBA Open Tournament at Brunswick Tri City

 Lanndyn Carnate Second, Mike Friedrichs Takes Senior, Tina Niles Best of Ladies

 See video of Leverage- Carnate Match - 35 min.

 See video of ACBA Bowlers in Action  - 16 min.

  Avondale, Az.,January, 2012 - It's been a long time coming but David Leverage finally pocketed an ACBA Open Tournament. Dave who won six PBA Regional Tournaments, topped Lanndyn Carnate in a two game total pins match.

  The ACBA stands for Arizona Classic Bowlers Association. It is a scratch event.

  The final match was a close one and went right down to the last shot. Dave finished with 482 for two games to top Lanndyn's 455. Dave shot games of 235 and 247. Lanndyn had 254 and 201.

Dave and Machelle Leverage and Austyn, 4.

  Dave used a new Roto Grip Defiant bowling ball. It was drilled by his associate John Evans.

  Dave runs two pro shops - Bowling with Leverage in Chandler, Az. inside AMF McRay Lanes and in Phoenix at AMF Union Hills Lanes.

 His ball was drilled with the pin below the fingers. Dave is on the Storm and Roto Grip staffs.

 Most of the players in the Open finals used an inside line with just modest swing to the outside. They bowled an 8-gamer qualifier on a very difficult Kegel WTBA Seoul condition with 39 feet of oil

  In the final game with Leverage, Lanndyn need two strikes in the tenth to win. He came up short.

  He made a great run though ousting top qualifier Michael Haugen Jr. in a come-from-behind two-game match. Lanndyn used a 900 Global Eagle ball.  

Lanndyn Carnate

  However, it was Dave Leverage's day to shine. He showed great poise and consistency in his match. He got to the finals by beating Mat Jones in a preliminary match 400 to 347. Dave shot 188 and 212. Jones struggled shooting 165 and 182.

  Michael Haugen, a PBA bowlers, was sensational in the qualifying.

  He was the top qualifier and shot 1831 for 8 games for a 229 average. Leverage was second at 1726 for a 215 average. Michael's high game for the day was 278. He played mostly inside at the third arrow with a modest swing to 10. Michael is on the 900 Global staff.

  Chris Klerk, on the Columbia Bowling Ball staff,  shot the highest game of the day in qualifying, a 279.

   Mike Friedrichs won the ACBA senior division. He defeated Aric Nagel in a two game match 396 to 356. Mike shot 190 and 206. Aric had 187 and 169.

See video of Friedrichs- Nagel Match - 25 min.

  Bob Hanson, a PBA bowler, was the run away qualifier in the Senior section. He shot 1763 for 8 games, for a 220 average. The next closes player in the senior qualifier was Aric Nagel who shot 1595, or a 199 average. However, Hanson was eliminated in the match play by Friedrichs.   

Mike Friedrichs

    Mike Friedrichs, however, gave due credit to Hanson.

See video Bob Hanson 300 on PBA

  "Bob ran away from the field in qualifying," said Mike. "He was playing an outside line. So, I went and got a Columbia Freeze ball (a weak ball) and played an outside line too from the fourth game of qualifying and it worked great for me. I usually carry 13 balls to a tournament."

  Mike had the highest game among the seniors, a 288.

  There were only a few ladies, but Tina Niles did the best shooting 1440 for 8 on the difficult pattern. Jordeen Koizumi shot a 220 in the 8th round to be tops in the senior-ladies group.

  Don Caron and Karl Simonis were tournament directors.

  Coverage by Leo Fasciocco and Ron Badger  -

  (See final results of qualifying for the ACBA Open for January)

  (See final results of qualifying for the ACBA Seniors-Ladies for January)  

  See Kegel WTBA Seoul Pattern details (under World Tenpin Bowling Association listing

  Kegel Seoul 39 Feet   Typical House Shot

Arizona Classic Bowlers Tournament

Barry Gilitiuk Jr. Captures December ACBA Open Tournament a Brunswick Mesa, Averaging 240, Lanndyn Carnate Second,

Cliff Connors Takes the Senior Division - And Special Rolloff Match with Gilitiuk

 See video of ACBA Bowlers 1 -12 min.

See video of ACBA Bowlers 2 - 12 Min.

    Mesa, Az., December 2011 - Barry Gilitiuk Jr., bowling in his first ACBA Tournament in several years, won the ACBA Open Tournament averaging 240 for six games on a difficult 2542 kegel sport condition.

Barry came on strong in the last game to edge out Lanndyn Carnate who finished second and averaged 238.5.

Ron Simonis, TD, Barry Gilitiuk Jr, Cliff Connors

  Barry totaled 1442 for six games, Lanndyn 1431. Barry is an extremely hard throwing right hander. He uses a no-thumb delivery and sometimes gets the speed of his shot up to 25 mph.

Lanndyn Carnate

 Lanndyn is a very smooth stroking player who gets a lot of revs on the ball.

  Cliff Connors took the ACBA Senior division averaging 223 for six games.

  In a special rolloff match, Barry Gilitiuk Jr. bowled Cliff Connors for the overall title for the day. It was a two-game match total pins wins.

  The senior Cliff won the two-game match 436 to 390 when Barry opened in two frames late in the second game. Cliff shot 209 and 227. Barry had 203 and 187.

See video Cliff vs Barry  Game 1 - 15 minutes

See video Cliff vs Barry  Game 2 - 17 minutes

    Cliff used a Storm Virtual Gravity Nano ball in the first four games of the tournament. He then finished up with a Storm Tropical Heat ball to enable him to adjust for the drier lane conditions. Cliff uses a great deal of loft.

  Barry used a Columbia Outburst ball in the early going and then later went with a Track 715 T Ball. He used, at times, the older Hammer Pearl ball, an offshoot of the original great blue hammer urethane ball, for his spares.

  Elsewhere in the ACBA Open Division, Ben Laughlin, a previous exempt bowler on the PBA National Tour, came in third with 1359.

 Tall smooth stroking lefty Kevin Jenkins shot a 289 game in the final round - the highest game shot for the day. Jenkins came in fourth with a 1339. Coming in fifth was Dave Cirigliano with 1337 and sixth was lefty Brett Wolfe with 1329.

  Elsewhere, in the ACBA senior Division, Mike Landrith came in second with 1318 for six games, Ron Simonis was third with 1312, Mike Friedrichs was fourth with 1281 and Pete Partridge and Karl Simonis were tied in sixth with 1260. Steven Anderson shot the day's high game for the seniors, a 267.

Aesha Turner

  Smooth stroking Aesha Turner did the best among the lades scoring 1161 for six. games.See video Aesah Turner's style

The Mesa ACBA Tournament was played on the Kegel 2542 sport pattern.

The bowlers were not told which pattern was being used.

  Coverage by Leo Fasciocco and Ron Badger  -

 Go to final results of ACBA Open.

  Go to final results of ACBA Senior Division

  Kegel Sport 2542   Typical House Shot

Arizona Classic Bowlers Tournament

  Robert Lewis wins October ACBA Tournament at AMF McRay Lanes, Lanndyn Carnate Second on the Broadway Pattern,

  Lefty Tony Maresca Wins Senior Division,

  Chandler, Az., - October, 2011.- Robert Lewis bowling in only his second ACBA Tournament this year won the ACBA Major Event at AMF McRay Lanes in Chandler.

  In the two-game total pins final, Lewis shot 266 and 224 for a total of 490. That topped Lanndyn Carnate's 449, which came on games of 214 and 235.

  Robert used a basic down-and-in shot over the 10 board. He did it with precision. During the match he moved a bit inside. He used a Roto-Grip Critical Theory ball and the older Total Inferno from Brunswick.

  See  Robert Lewis's league average history.

  Lewis led the 8 qualifying by shooting 1836 for a 229 average. In the second game of qualifying, he had the highest game at 258.

  Lanndyn's downfall came when he left two splits on the left lane during his match with Lewis.

  In the preliminary knockout matches. Michael Haugen Jr. ousted hard throwing lefty Kevin Jenkins192 to 175.

Jenkins had two opens early in the match. He never recovered.

  In the next match, Haugen edged Matt Villegas 238 to 237. Haugen was clutch throwing the last four strikes to eke out the win. Villegas left a 10-pint in the final frame when he needed a strike to win. A tough loss for the hard-throwing righthander.

  Earlier in the tournament Matt shot a 300 game in the third round. He was swinging the ball with big revs.

  Lanndyn eliminated Haugen 248 to 247 in a thrilling match. Lanndyn, a hard throwing right hander, was using  Track bowling balls. Haugen was working with 900-Global balls.

See video Tony Maresca - Alan Grobmeier match - 2 -games - 35 minutes

  In the senior division, Tony Maresca defeated Alan Grobmeier in a two game match by 426 to 382.

  Tony shot 201 and 225, while Alan shot 193 to 189. Tony a smooth lefty played an outside line. He used a Storm Regal Supreme ball.

  Alan had led the 8-game senior qualifier by a comfortable margin shooting 1853 for a 231 average.

  In the senior knockout rolloff, Randy Reis, a smooth stroking righthander, eliminated Steve Anderson by shooting a sensational 299 to Steve's 183. Randy left a soft 10-pin on his last shot.

  Randy then knocked out Kelly Urrea 204 to 183.

  Tony Marecso eliminated Randy with a 237 to 203 win.

  The overall scoring for the tournament was good. Ron Simonis directed the tournament.

  Coverage by Leo Fasciocco and Ron Badger  -

  The pattern was the Kegel Broadway

   This 37 foot pattern is named after the wide open street in Manhattan called BROADWAY, which ironically originates at a park called Bowling Green. BROADWAY was originally translated from the Dutch name of ‘Breede weg’ because of its location in New Amsterdam. Because of the medium short length of this pattern and light volume of conditioner towards the outside portion of the lane, players can arrive to the pocket on the BROADWAY from multiple directions.

Broadway Pattern

Arizona Classic Bowlers Tournament

 Chris Klerk Captures July ACBA Tournament At Glenfair Lanes on the Tough U.S. Open condition, Mat Jones Second

 Warren Eales Runs Away With Senior-Ladies Division

  Glendale, Az., - July, 2011 - Chris Klerk won the Arizona Classic Bowlers Association Tournament at Glenfair Lanes in July on the tough US Open Condition.

Josh Blanchard

  Mat Jones was second coming on strong at the end.

  Cliff Connors

  The four top finalists in qualifying bowled a round-robin playoff to determine the tournament winner.

  Klerk beat Ben Laughlin in his first match 247 to 173. Chris left an 8-10 split on a solid pocket hit  in the first frame of his game. However, he shook it off and bowled solid the rest of the way.

See video Chris Klerk vs Ben Laughlin game

  Chris played deep inside around board 25 with a breakpoint around 10 to 12. Laughlin was going up about 20. Chris played around 25 in all his final matches.

 Klerk's second match was against Craig Spencer, who was among the leaders in qualifying.

 Craig opened in two of  his first four frames and could not muster a rally. Meanwhile Chris had trouble carrying on the left lane. Final: Klerk 217- Spencer 181.

  Klerk's final game was against Mat Jones. Mat won with an excellent 255 to Chris's 236. However, Chris had built up a point lead and coasted to the win.

See video Chris Klerk vs Craig Spencer game.

  Chris, on the Columbia staff, told BowlingArizona he used a Columbia Full Swing ball. (see Columbia Full Swing details)

  In the senior-ladies division, Warren Eales, playing a deep inside line, coasted to an easy win. He maintained a steady shot and good scoring to draw away from the field.

  Warren, a versatile player, who many times likes to play outside - up the 10 or 5 board -showed his moxy.

  Two ladies participated - Rachelle Davis and Tina Niles.

 The U.S. Open pattern is one of the most difficult to score on because of  its relatively flat pattern.

  The US Open pattern features the toughest lane oil pattern in all bowling. It is a "flat" oil pattern with equal oil placed on each board gutter to gutter. The length is 42 feet of oil.  

  Premium shot making and precision accuracy are required to score well on this condition.   

 Many claim the US Open oil pattern is responsible for the lack of left-handed winners in this tournament, because there isn't enough ball traffic on the left side to create a "track area.

 When Mike Scroggins won the 2009 event in North Brunswick, NJ, he became the first left-hander in 20 years (Mike Aulby, 1989) to earn a U.S. Open title.

 Interestingly, Aulby's win was on an oil pattern where oil was applied more heavily on the outer boards (that is, those closest to the gutters), to the point where the outer parts of the lanes were effectively unplayable.

  Coverage by Leo Fasciocco and Ron Badger  -

  Arizona Classic Bowlers Tournament

   Lanndyn Carnate Wins June ACBA Tournament At AMF Mesa on Difficult "Modified House Condition," Mat Jones Second

 Kelly Urrea Captures Senior Division, Warren Eales Runner Up

See video Kelly Urrea - Warren Eales Match - Game 1

See video Kelly Urrea - Warren Eales Match - Game 2

  Mesa, Az., June. 2011 -  Smooth but hard throwing Lanndyn Carnate won the ACBA Open Tournament at AMF Mesa Lanes on June 26.

He beat Mat Jones in the final two game match - with a total of 382 to 363.

   "The condition was brutal," Lanndyn said afterwards. "It was a grind."  

 He used a Track 715T bowling ball and a Columbia World Beater ball.

  Carnate shot 179 and 203 in the final two games. That topped Jones' games of 170 and 193.

  In the senior division. Kelly Urrea came out on top beating Warren Eales.

 They are teammates in the East Valley Open League at Mesa Brunswick.

  Kelly shot a solid 447 to Warren's 375.

  Urrea shot games of 211 and 236, while Eales rolled 206 and 169.

 Eales was topped qualifier in the Senior Group. He shot 1178 for 6 games for a 196 average or a minus 22.

   Jason Hall manager of AMF Mesa put down an extremely difficult "modified house pattern."

 He told during the tournament that the lanes were oiled 38 feet with the AMF summit machine. They were oiled heavy with the purpose of making the outside six boards "out of bounds." The oil also made the track area difficult to play.

  The front end was oiled heavy, while the back end was extremely dry. The shot required an ability to line up right, be accurate and to control one's speed.

  Making it even more difficult was that new pins were used causing the bowlers to leave a lot of corners. Powerful stroking Chris Klerk, who was a leader during the tournament, smiled wryly after smashing the pocket on a shot and leaving a solid 8-10 split.

  Most of the finalist played inside with a tight line to the pocket.

  Carnate made his way through to the finals by eliminating Brett Wolfe 211 to 172. He next knocked out Mike Bronsart 218 to 208. He then eliminated Chris Klerk to set up the final match with Jones.

  Mat Jones bowled great in qualifying to lead all Open Bowlers. He shot 1271 for a plus 71 or a 211 average.

  In the Senior Division, Karl Simonis beat his brother Ron Simonis 188 to 166. However, Curtis Dornath knocked out Karl - 224 to 180.

  Kelly Urrea eliminated Curtis 226 to 212. That set up the finals with Eales.

  Coverage by Leo Fasciocco and Ron Badger  -

 The ASU Experience Tournament - The Challenge of Various Lane Conditions

  Jory Koizumi Captures ASU Experience Tournament at AMF Squaw Peak Lanes, Tina Stickney Second

  Jory Koizumi won the May 12, 2011 (Thursday) - ASU Experience Tournament at AMF Squaw Peak Lanes in Phoenix. Jory defeated Tina Stickney in the final match 216 to 180.

See video Jory Koizumi vs, Tina Stickney - Game - 10 min - commentator Kris Maglunog

  The tournament is unique in that bowlers qualify by bowling 5 games across 10 lanes with a variety of  lane oiling patterns for each lane.

  They do not get to know the pattern for each lane ahead of time. Wow!

  Jory was the top qualifier after the first five games.

 The cut was 32 under (a 200 average) for the five games.

  Among the six top qualifiers were Michael Haugen, PBA star, and Mike Friedrichs, a top bowler on the ACBA circuit.   

  In the knockout elimination games after qualifying, Haugen beat Friedrichs 246 to 201.

Haugen ran a string of strikes early in the game and Friedrichs could never catch up. Haugen had a 278 game in the qualifying round, but also some bumps in other games. It is a challenge!

 Friedrichs, an extremely accurate player, found himself going Jersey early in the match. That showed the difficulty of lining up on the condition.

 Haugen, a favorite in the tournament, next met Stickney. It was an exciting match. Mike struck out in the tenth for a 237. However, Tina showed her grit by striking out in the tenth too and beating Mike with a 238.

  That put Tina in the final match with Jory, a third-year student at ASU. Jory is from Hawaii. Jory got off to a strong start in the match and showed a lot of confidence in closing it out.

 Kris Maglunog, captain of the ASU bowling club, was commentator of the final match.

  Jordan Nassberg is coach of the ASU Bowling Club. Michael Haugen is assistant coach.

 Jordan does a good job setting up the challenging lane conditions. The entry fee is $12 with part of the proceeds going to the ASU Bowling Club. They hold the tournament on Thursday starting at 7 p.m. for practice.

  One top bowler said the conditions can be brutal. The winner gets to select the conditions for the next tournament. It is open to anyone who would like to bowl.

 One can contact Jordan at or Kris at for details

  Below is the list of the oiling patterns used for the tournament.:

  Lane 21 - 2010 Collegiate Sectional - 42 feet

  Lane 22 - New Shot - 37 feet

  Lane 23 - 2010 USBC college team -  40 feet

  Lane 24 - Jordan pattern - 45 feet

  Lane 25  - Winding Road - 39 feet

  Lane 26 - Winding Road - 39 feet

  Lane 27 - Jordan - 45 feet

  Lane 28 -  2010 USBC college team -  40 feet

  Lane 29 - New Shot - 37 feet

  Lane 30 -  2010 Collegiate Sectional - 42 feet

  Some patterns available but not used during this tournament include:  Dead Mans Curve - 43 feet,  Boardwalk - 35 feet, Autobahn - 42 feet,  2008 ITC - 40 feet,  2010 USBC Junior Gold  - 40 feet,  2009 ITC - 39 feet.

Coverage by Leo Fasciocco   -

    Arizona Classic Bowlers Tournament

   Brett Wolfe Wins ACBA's Tournament At AMF McRay, Michael Haugen Jr. Finishes Second.

 Tina Stickney Takes Senior-Ladies Division and shoots 300, Randy Reis Second

  April 17, 2011 - Brett Wolfe put on a display of excellent strike bowling and split making to capture the ACBA Tournament held at McRay Lanes in Chandler Sunday, April 17.

  Brett Wolfe

  In a thrilling two-game final match with Michael Haugen, Jr. Wolfe came out on top 493 to 487.

 See video Brett Wolfe vs Michael Haugen - Game 1 - 15 min.

 The players had the crowd cheering at the end of the match as they rolled strings of strikes.

  Michael Haugen

 In the first game, Wolfe shot 214 to Haugen's 198. It was a tough game for Haugen who had six 9-pin leaves.

 See video Brett Wolfe vs Michael Haugen  - Game 2 - 13 min.

  In the second game Haugen shot a sensational 289 game, but Wolfe rose to the challenge rolling a 279 game and striking out to win the match.

 Haugen made an adjustment in the second game after his difficulties with carry in the first game. He ran off 10 strikes in a row. He just missed a 300 game by leaving a shaky 10-pin. A tough loss!

  However, Brett deserved the win with his gutsy performance. The smooth stroking Lefty  made it to the finals by converting the almost impossible  7-10 split in the final frame of his first match. In that one, he shot 238 against Mat Jones' 220 and Dave Cirigliano's 204.

  Wolfe then beat Ed Smaglik 268 to 212. Next Wolfe disposed of Ron Schloss 225 to 194.

 In the Haugen match, Wolfe used his blue hammer urethane ball and played a swing shot off the 5 board. Haugen, who is on the 900 Global staff, used a Bank Pearl and the Long Shot and went up the outside boards.

  Go to Michael Haugen's website

 Haugen was sensational in qualifying shooting a 2033 for eight games, or a 254 average. His first two games were 280 and 286. He used a down-and-in shot and was matched up well with his equipment.

 Wolfe shot 1823 for qualifying for a 227 average.

 They bowled on the Kegel Boardwalk oil pattern.  

  BOARDWALK - 2435 Based upon the 2000 PBA Indianapolis Open pattern which was created by Kegel, this pattern is designed to play towards the edge board. Because of the relatively short 35 foot length of the BOARDWALK, players will need to control the excessive change of direction of the bowling ball as it enters the 25 feet of dry backend. Since lanes do have many topographical differences, on some lanes the BOARDWALK will require a more direct route to the pocket while other lane characteristics may allow players to swing the ball to the edge board. Like all wooden walkways, this pattern can provide great excitement but stray too far off the BOARDWALK and you'll find yourself in the moat!

 See video on Kegel Boardwalk pattern - 11 min.

  Go To tip to bowl on house vs sport pattern

Senior-Ladies Division

 Tina Stickney won the Senior-Ladies division by beating Randy Reis 404 to 384 in a two-game match.

  Tina Stickney

 Tina shot 169 and 235. Randy shot 163 and 221. It was a tough loss for Randy, who had worked his way up the rolloffs.

 See video of Tina Stickney vs Randy Reis - Game 2 - 15 min.

 He left splits in the last two frames of his last game with Tina. She then struck out to clinch the title.

 Tina, who is on the Storm Staff,  used a Storm Marvel ball in her match with Randy.

 Tina led all qualifiers in the Senior-Ladies division. She shot 1859 for 8 games for a 232 average. She also shot a 300. Nice going!

 In the Senior-Ladies step ladder final matches. Karl Simonis shot 227 to beat Warren Eales 191 and Rachell Davis' 166.

 Next, Randy Reis shot 219 to beat Simonis' 201 and Cliff Connors' 185.

 Next Reis and Carry Hoffman tied at 225 to 225. Reis won the rolloff. Reis then put Kevin Gawelko away with a strong 257 to 201.

Coverage by Leo Fasciocco and Ron Badger  -

Brett Wolfe Captures ACBA Tournament At AMF Christown Lanes, Mat Jones Second in a Tight Match

 Ron Simonis Takes Senior Division, Pete Partridge Second

  Brett Wolfe

  March 13, 2011 - Lefty Brett Wolfe won the Arizona Classic Bowlers Association Open at AMF Christown Lanes on Sunday March 13.

 See video of Brett Wolfe - Mat Jones match - 2 games - 30 min.

  Wolfe defeated Jones in a two-game match by the close score of 462 to 458. Wolfe left a split in the second game opening the door for Jones. But, Mat got stung with some 10-pin leaves and fell short.

  Brett shot 264 and 199 for his 462 series. Jones came in  with a 224 and a 234 for his 458.

  Mathew Jones

  Brett played an inside line with a modest swing through the third arrow. Jones was inside but a bit tighter on the right side.

  Brett showed his stuff by shaking off a slow start in qualifying and coming on with two big 270-games.

  Jones led the six-game qualifying with a 1468 or a sensational 244 average. Wolfe was second at 1413 or a 235 average.

  Kyle King

  In the preliminary rolloff, Kyle King topped Matt Villegas with a 268 to 220 score. Jones then eliminated King with a 268 to 238 score.

 Wolfe made it to the finals by downing Ron Schloss 245 to 220.

   Senior Division

In the senior division, Ron Simonis trumped Pete Partridge with a two game total of 464 versus 389.

  Ron Simonis

  Ron shot 225 and 234. He used a deep inside line. Pete used his favorite outside line and shot 210 and 179.

 See video of Ron Simonis - Pete Partridge match - 2 games - 30 min.

  Ron had a shot at 300 in the qualifying but left a 10-pin and finished with 279. The same happened for Mat Jones in qualifying.

  Pete Partridge

In the preliminary shoot-out, Partridge knocked out Warren Eales 247 to 235. Partridge then eliminated top senior qualifier Mike Friedrichs 245 to 231.

  Friedrichs led the senior qualifying with a 232 average for six games.

  Ron got to the finals by eliminating Carey Hoffman 246 to 222.


Coverage by Leo Fasciocco and Ron Badger  -

    Mat Jones "Breaks the Ice" and Wins December ACBA Tournament at Mesa Brunswick, Keith Dommer Second

Pete Partridge Wins Senior Division

 See video ACBA Bowlers in Action - 6 min.

  Mathew Jones

 December 18, 2010 - Mat Jones finally broke through to the winners circle by winning the December ACBA Tournament at Mesa Brunswick Lanes.

The prior two months Jones finished second in two ACBA events. This time he was not denied as he came through in the clutch.

 See video of Mat Jones vs. Keith Dommer match - 2 games - 30 min.

 Jones win was not easy. He beat Keith Dommer in a two-game total pin match by 455 to 451. Jones shot 200 in the first game. In the second game, he struck out to finish with 255.

  Keith Dommer

  He needed to get all of  them to win. He did!

  Jones used a Track 505a bowling ball and an inside line between 17 and 20 at the arrows out to about 7 in the final match.

  Dommer gave Jones all he could handle shooting 193 and 258. Dommer used a Motiv Sr2 ball. He played around 15 at the arrows.

  Jones led all open qualifiers with a six-game total of 1347 for a 224 average. Nice shooting Mat!

  A key highlight during the qualifying was senior Mike Friedrichs shooting a 300 game. He used a Columbia Burst ball that was drilled with the pin below the fingers and 2000 cover stock.

  Mike recently shot in league competition a series of 300, 279 and 279. He  said he likes to go with leveraged drilled layouts on house conditions and pin under setups for the more difficult tournament shots.

 See video of Mike Friedrichs 300 game finish - 3 minutes

  In the knockdown matches in the open division. smooth stroking Dave Cirigliano topped hard throwing Bryan Mitchell 237 to 223. Bryan was stung with 2 ten pins late in the match that hurt. He shot a 288 in the first game of  qualifying.

 In the next match Cirigliano fell to Mike Sora. Sora shot 247 to Cirigliano's 226.

  Next, Keith Dommer eliminated Sora 215 to 203. That put Dommer in the finals with Jones.

  There were 25 bowlers in the Open Division. The condition was challenging.

  In the ACBA senior division Pete Partridge ran the gauntlet winning three straight matches to capture the senior title. Pete used a 900 Global Breakout Ball that was suggested by Dave Leverage who operates several pro shops. (See Dave's pro shops)

  Pete Partridge

 Ron Simonis, a tournament director and operator of Bowler Zone Pro shop in Mesa, Az., said Pete has won an ACBA tournament in the past six decades. Simonis said Pete won a tournament in the 1960s, 1970s, 1980s, 1990s 2000s and now 2010s.

As they use to say on the PBA TV commercial: "Winning never gets old."

 See video of Pete Partridge vs. Cliff Connors match - 2 games - 35 min.

  In the opening match of the senior division. Karl Simonis knocked out Mike Friedrichs 201 to 188. However, in the next match Simons left a devastating washout in the tenth. He fell to Partridge 201 to 188. Next Partridge took out Rod Dodd by bowling a sensational 279 to Dodd's 175.

  Tina Stickney

 In the final match for the senior title it was Partridge and his down-and-in shot through 10 with a 900 Globe Breakout ball versus top qualifier Cliff Connors' swing shot. Connors had shot a 278 in the final qualifying to grab the top spot.

  However, Partridge beat Connors in a two game match 437 to 382 to take the senior title.  Partridge shot 192 and 245, while Connors had 180 and 202.   There were 35 bowlers in the senior division, which also included ladies.

  Doing the best among the gals was Tina Stickney who shot 1158 for six, a 193 average.

Coverage by Leo Fasciocco and Ron Badger  -

Brandon Pretlove Strikes Out to Win November ACBA Tournament at RH Johnson Lanes, Mat Jones Second Again,

George Weston Takes Senior Division

  November 2010 - Brandon Pretlove, who moved to the Phoenix area just a few months ago from New Orleans, won the Arizona Classic Bowlers Open Tournament at RH Johnson Lanes on November 21. It was held in Sun City.

  Brandon Pretlove

 Pretlove, who uses a unique 7-step delivery, beat Mat Jones.

The two-game total score:  Pretlove 424 topping Jones' 413.

 See video of Brandon Pretlove vs. Mat Jones match - 14 min.

Pretlove came from behind to win. He shot 179 and then 245. He made a ball change in the middle of the second game to an Ebonite Mission 2 Ball. It worked great as he ran off a string of strikes.

  Mathew Jones

  Cheering on Brandon was his wife Kelly Pretlove, who is very knowledgeable about bowling. Nice going!

  See Brandon's league average history.

  Jones did well, but just missed the winners circle for the second straight tournament. He used Track bowling balls. One of them was Track's new Allterain ball.

  Rusty Rickett

 Jones was the leading qualifier after the first six games. He averaged 223. Bretlove was second averaging 210.  See Mat's League average history.

   In the  preliminary matches, lefty Rusty Rickett shot a sensational 275 with a Track Bowling ball to beat Lanndyn Carnate's 197, who was using an Ebonite Mission 2.

  However, Rickett was knocked out by Brandon Pretlove in the next match.. The score: Pretlove 225 versus Rickett's 207.

 Go to video Rusty Rickett's 275 vs  Lanndyn Carnate - 15 min.

In the ACBA Senior Division. George Weston topped Carey Hoffman. The two game total: 368 to 365.

George Weston

  Weston shot 200 and 168. Hoffman had 191 and 174.  Weston was the top qualifier. He averaged 228 for six.

  See George's League Average History.   Jeff Segneri finished third, Cliff Connors was fourth and Warren Eales was fifth.  

 Go to video George Weston vs. Carey Hofmann Game 1 - 16 min.

Go to video George Weston vs. Carey Hofmann Game 2 - 16 min.

Coverage by Leo Fasciocco and Ron Badger  -

Ben Laughlin Wins ACBA Open Tournament

  At Glenfair Lanes, Mat Jones Second,

Karl Simonis Wins Senior Division

  October 2010 - Ben Laughlin won the Arizona Classic Bowlers Association open Tournament at Glenfair lanes in Glendale, Az.,  on Sunday, October 17, by edging Mathew Jones in a two game total pin match.

  Ben Laughlin

  Mathew Jones

  The final two game total was Laughlin 421 to Jones's 419.  

Go to video of Ben's final game - 14 min.

 Laughlin shot 215 and 206. Jones shot 217 and 202. Jones opened in the tenth frame of the second game to lose the match in a real heartbreaker. It was a grind-it-out win by Laughlin who led the 8-game qualifying round.

  In the final match both played a deep inside line standing around 40, although Laughlin used more swing in his shot. One of  his key bowling balls was a Hammer Vibe Midnight.   Laughlin made a washout for a spare that in the end turned out to be the difference. Great spare shooting!

  See Ben's league average history.

 Jones was using a 715 C Track ball.   Other top finishers: Rusty Rickett, Dave Cirigliano, Chris Klerk and Brandon Pretlove.

  Dave Cirigliano

 Go to video of Mat Jones win versus Rusty Rickett and Dave Cirigliano - 20 min.

  Jones advanced to the finals by bowling a 217 to top Rickett and Cirigliano.

  Rusty Rickett

 Cirigliano could not carry the pocket hits getting stung with leaving 4s and 10s. Lefty Rickett could not zero in on the pocket, but bowled well to finish 3rd overall.

  Karl Simonis won the senior division by defeating Carey Hoffman in a two game match 395 to 366. Simonis shot 237 and 158 against Hoffman's 204 and 162.  

Go to video of Karl's first game win - 20 min

 Simonis led the qualifying in the senior division. Simonis used a Brunswick Revolver ball and a 2 Fast Storm ball.

  Karl Simonis

  Other top finishers: Larry Hoffman, Mike Friedricks and Ron Simonis.

  Laughlin won $750, Simonis $700.

 - Arizona Classic Bowlers Association Tournament was at Glenfair Lanes in Glendale, Az.  

  The tournament has many of the top bowlers in Arizona. It is always a great tournament to watch and pick up new tricks on how to bowl better.  Go to ACBA   

Coverage by Leo Fasciocco and Ron Badger  -

  Junior Bowlers Tournament Action in Arizona

Riley Dempsey win Junior Bowlers Tour "Best of the West" Scratch Tournament, Sandy Truman Takes Handicap

See Video of Some JBT Players. (4 min.)

  November 28 - Riley Dempsey and Sandy Truman picked up $500 scholarships and JBT major titles as champs of the 2010 Best In The West tournament, hosted by Brunswick Zone Mesa in Mesa, Arizona.

  Riley Dempsey

  Sandy Truman

  A points system that rewards winning matches is the sole scoring method, not pinfall, creating a completely unique and fun event. 

Dempsey was the scratch leader after day one. Kyle King passed Dempsey on day two.  Both bowlers thus advanced to round two of the six-player finals, and watched as the #3-6 seeds played off. 

In that game, Ben Canfield (245) and Zach Martinez (254) came up with huge games to eliminate Cameron Smith (208) and Anthony Tripi (184). 

Kyle and Riley then joined in and defended their seeds, firing 213 and 235 respectively to oust Martinez (200) and first-time finalist Canfield (179) to set up a title match showdown.

        Scores were high on the previous day's house pattern, but much lower on the tricky Scorpion pattern.

 Dempsey's look was deteriorating, but he held on for a 183 to 181 win and his 7th JBT title.

  In the handicap division, Sandy Truman Truman remained red-hot firing 280 with pins, while Hirsch defended his top seed .

      The title handicap match was all Truman, who opened with a six bagger and finished with a 273-226 win over Hirsch (a winner last month in Tucson).


Junior Bowlers Tour - Brunswick Kyrene lanes - Chandler, Arizona September 25

Winner of Scratch Division Riley Dempsey (left), second Kyle King (center). Riley beat King 267 to 236 in title match on a house condition. King shot 300 in qualifying. Winner of Handicap Division Lindsey Ailport (right) over Kyle Thompson. Nice Going.

  See Video of Title match with all four bowlers. (28 min.)

 Riley used a Hammer bowling ball throughout the tournament. He was playing slightly inside in the title match and carrying very well with a lot of area on the floor.  Riley's  coach is Dave Leverage, PBA player and manager of Bowling with Leverage Pro Shops.

Kyle King used an Ebonite Mission 2.0 ball and the original Mission. He shot 300 with the Mission 2.0. He played deep inside in the title match. Lindsey, a lefty, played outside with her Storm ball.  Kyle Thompson played down the track, 10 board.

JBT Tournament director was Jeffrey Hemer.

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   Julio Abraham  - Gilbert, Arizona   -  5'10"   245

  League average 204 - Righthander - Hard throwing, lots of speed, up the track bowler

  Favorite ball. Storm Virtual Gravity and Columbia Momentum Swing .

  League high game 297.   League high series 767.

  Highlights: Looking forward to joining the senior PBA Tour when I turn 50 in four years. I've been bowling since age 12. I  bowled in junior leagues with Wendy Macpherson and Lynda Barnes, top PBA Ladies Bowlers. I use a strong straight shot like Walter Ray Williams but at 19 mph. I love to smash thepocket with power so all 44 lanes can hear my strike. See Julio's league average history

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  Ron Badger  -  Mesa, Arizona -  6' 3''   240

  Average: 212  -  Righthander - Style: Hard throwing tweener.

  Favorite Bowling Balls: Hammer, Storm and Lane One.

  Leagues: Brunswick Mesa Metro 880 Thursday.  Highlights: League High Game: 279, League High 3 Game 773.  See Ron's league average history

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 Alisha Canzona   -  Arizona, Home Town Stooney Brook, N.Y. - Height 5' 2"

Aveage: 145  Style: Stroker.   Favorite Ball:   Tropical Heat (Storm)

Leagues: PBR  Brunswick Mesa. Highlights: High game 245 and in league 199. High League Average: 167.  See Alisha league average history

See video of Alisha.

  Frank Engstrom  -  Gilbert , Arizona   - 5' 10''  190

  Average: 190  -  Righthander - Style: Stroker - Relying on accuracy and lane adjustments

  Favorite Bowling Balls: Ebonite Total N.V. and Ebonite Ice.

  League: Mesa Brunswick Monday Mixed Temp

  Highlights: League High Game: 297 Mesa Brunswick., League High 3 Game 723. See Frank's league average history

  Click to See video of Frank in Action   

  Leo Fasciocco  -  Gilbert , Arizona   - 5' 11''  155

  Average: 212  -  Righthander - Style: Stroker - Relying on accuracy and lane and hand adjustments

  Favorite Bowling Balls: Brunswick and Track and Storm

  Highlights: High Game: 300, League High 3 Game 735. Had a high league average at 213.  See Leo's league average history.

Click to See video of Leo in Action  

 Bill Fox - Chandler, Arizona - 6' - 200

  League average 211 - Righthander, stroker.

  Favorite ball. Columbia World Beater

  League High game 298.  Bowls Brunswick Gilbert Tuesday Happy Hour League.

Click to see video of Bill in Action

 Barry Gilitiuk, Sr. - Mesa, Arizona   -  5'10"   180

  League average 219 - Righthander - Hard throwing, lots of speed, up the track bowler. Very solid with spares.

  Favorite ball. Hammer Real Deal - Violet Eryption.

  League high game 300 (7).   League high series 835.

  Highlights: Uses lots of speed and walks left to right on his approach. See Barry's Sr.'s  league average history

See video of Barry Sr.

  Brian Hirsch -  Sam's Town @ AMF Union Hills

 Average:  215  - 300 games: 4   High Series: 811 High  Average 219.  Top Finish: 7 USBC State Titles, 4 USBC National Titles 6  Time Grand Canyon State Games Medalist, USBC Level 1 Coach, ACBA Member, Sport Bowling Member Staff.   

 Staff Member with Turbo Grips and Motiv Bowling and favorite ball is the Motiv Raptor. See Brian's League average history.

  Derek  Iozzio - Gilbert, Az.    5'10" - 176

Average: 202 - Righthander - Style: Tweener

Favorite Bowling Balls: Ebonite Bowling Balls. .

League: Mesa Brunswick, Varsity Allstars.

Highlights: High Game: 300 (6). None sanctioned. High Series: 802. Winner of JBT Tournament. Seven top Five Finishes in Junior Bowlers Tournaments. See Derek's League average history.

See video of Derek

  Kyle Karpovich - Chandler, Az. - 5. 8''    125

  Average 205    Righthander - Style: Tweener

  Favorite Bowling Ball - ONE Pearl

  League:  Brunswick Mesa EVO.   Bowls Junior Bowlers Tour  Highlights: Shot 299, 290 (twice) and 770 for 3 games  See Kyle's league average history.

 Steven Leach - Buckeye, Az -  5'9

 Leage Average 200 - Style: Right handed tweener 

 Favorite bowling balls: Storm, Hammer, Lane 1.

High Game: 280.  High Series 720. Started bowling when I was 10 and never stopped. Have bowled in a lot of leagues and many bowling lanes.

  Tom Melvin - Gilbert, Arizona  - 5'10''  190

  Average - 213 - Righthander - Style - Stroker - likes to keep it straight and play an outside line with good speed.

  Favorite Bowling Ball - Brunswick Copperhead.

  Highlights: Shot two 299 games this season, one in the Brunswick Gilbert Las Vegas league on Friday and one in the Monday night Gilbert league. Left 10 pins both times. Played up the 5 board.

Jacob Meyer  - Apache Junction, Az. - 6'2'' - 180

League Average 225 - Style - Tweener

Favorite bowling balls: Storm and Roto Grip

League: Mesa East Lanes

High Game: 300.   High League Average: 216. See Jacob's league average history.

 See video of Jacob

Christina Niles - Mesa, Arizona  - 5'8'

Average 213 - Righthanded Stroker

Favorite Bowling Balls: Mutant Cell, Demolition Zone, Columbia U Dot. League: Brunswick Mesa Monday Mixed.

High Game: 300.  See Tina's League average history.

Click to see video of Tina in action

Adrian Patterson - Mesa, Az. - 6'2" - 193

Average 170. Righthanded Tweener, Uses Wheelchair.

Favorite Bowling Balls: Storm Hyroad.

High Game: 268. Bowls East Valley Brunswick Gilbert, Az.

Highlights: 4th place AMF Tournament. Second Las Vegas International.

Justin Penwell - Mesa, Arizona - 6'3" - 330

Average: 217 - Lefthander - Style: Tweener

Favorite Bowling Balls: Magic Action, Hammer Backlash. Favorite ball driller Tim Simonis at Bowler Zone, Brunswick Mesa.

League: Metro 880 - Thursday. Highest League Average: 225. High Game: 300. See video of Justin

   Arthur Robinson  -  Gilbert , Arizona   - 6'1''  190

  Average: 180  -  Style: Stroker - Relying on accuracy

  Favorite Bowling Balls: Hammer, Brunswick.

  League: Mixed Mania at Brunswick XL Gilbert. Tuesday Afternoon Gilbert.

  Highlights: League High Game: 300. Series 735.  See Arthur's league averge history.

See video of Arthur   

 Tim Simonis -  Mesa, Arizona   - 6' 4''  200

  Average: 220  -  Style: Power Tweener - Lots of speed and revs.

  Favorite Bowling Balls: Track and Ebonite

  League: Mesa Brunswick EVO, Mesa Brunswick Metro 880, Brunswick Gilbert Construction  Highlights: League High Game: 300. Won ACBA Title.   See Tim's league average history.

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